Friday, December 30, 2016



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Market are continue in up trend and
Nifty are trading above 8100  short term up side and also a stop lsos of any long position.
Higher level resistance 8200  crossover towards 8250 8275  watch out.

Bank Nifty also looking good and short term support established at 18000 mark and sustained above 18300  fresh up move.

However, on 31st December 2016  PM giving a speech, i  if any positive big move in the market towards 8400 8500  and Bank Nifty  19000.

On the flip  side, any bad news
down side it will correct 7900  and Bank Nifty against 17600. Whereas the decent opportunity in the market.

As chart show strong bullish candel so
panic to buy side

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Market out look...................

On the day of expiry market closed with positive bias and looks more up side in coming days.
Nifty...........Consider support 8000 and resistance 8150, crossover it will show real move towards 8270 8300, thereafter big move and new bull market can not be ruled out. On the lower side support 7900 break this level over all selling in the market.
Bank Nifty.........................Closed above 18000 mark looks positive bias with consider support 17800 and resistance 18200 crossover over all buying in the market and buy side.
Some important level watch out.
Nifty Future...........8124 to 8100
Bank Nifty..............18090 to 18056
BPCL..................640 to 631
HDFC .............1270 TO 1260
hINDALCO........156 TO 153
and many more

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Gold   Dec         Trading range today 27600 to 27500  
Silver December)        Today trading range 39700 to 39500
Crude Oil        Buy on decline with consider support 3600   +
Natural Gas        Buy on decline with consider support 250
Aluminum,        Selling pressure at higher level
Copper        Resistance 380  + support 365 
Nickel        Resistance 700, support 680 
Lead        Resistance 133  support 130 
Zinc.        Resistance 172.50  support 169 

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Thursday, December 29, 2016


Gold   Dec        Resistance 27500, support 27000
Silver December)         Resistance 39500 crossover further move, support 38500
Crude Oil          Holding 3600   over all good
Natural Gas      Above 255   more up side
Aluminum,       Above 118  looks good  
Copper Above 375   short looks good towards 385
Nickel   Resistance 720-725
Lead     Aove 140    hold short term good l
Zinc.     Resistance 15   177

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Short term over sold..............
Corrective rally continue as long as hold................
Holding above 3700 only positive
otherwise short side on intra day
Trading range continue
Wait for break out this range
Selling continue but near to
200 DMA
Natural Gas
No short sell....... ready for big move
we are bullish above 225 and more added
long above 250
Decline to buy side
Near to Multiple Resistance
break r make situation
Higher level to short side
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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Market out look for 29th Nov.....

After sharp recovery on yesterday rally was continue towards 8100 but unable to cross and heavy selling pressure resulted it was closed near to 8035 mark almost 70 points wipe out from the days high.
As regards the technical level of Nifty consider support 8000-7980 and it must hold, otherwise we will again see 7900 mark, thereafter over all selling pressure in the market. Higher level maximum up side 8150 .
Bank Nifty also looking side ways after sharp rise and sharp fall but almost test level of 18000 + Now consider support 17600 and resistance 18100. Breakdown of 17500, real fall will be start in this segment.
Stock to be watch out
Yes Bank.............sell side
PNB................Hot sell for target 110

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Market out look for Wednesday

As mentioned in this column break and trade below 7900 major sell off in the market, but able to hold and successfully crossover 7950 level thereafter short covering seen in the market in Nifty and Bank Nifty.
Bank Nifty also trend reversal from the level of 17600 and almost closed days high. Now what to do after smart recovery in the market.
Now we may consider Nifty support 8000-7950 in short term and looks 7900 short term bottom established, whether this rally will continue due to short covering or FIIs against will come into the market for selling or this is a Shanta Rally, time will tell in next remaining three sessions in the market.
As regards the technical side, Nifty has a good support 7950-7960 and any decline to buy side, higher level crossover 8050 8060 and sustained will move further towards 8100-8150 mark.
On the Bank Nifty also looking good and we may consider support nearly 17750-17800 range and consider resistance 18050 crossover and sustained above, first sign of bullish view in the market, otherwise again selling opportunity at higher level.s
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Monday, December 26, 2016


As expected market breached support level of 7910 on intra day basis but able to closed above 7900 mark but trend is confirming down side However, market are over sold region and we may consider resistance 7950 8000 region in short term, down side support 7890 break this level nonstop target 7800 +. Hold short position with trailing stop loss.
Bank Nifty.....................also looking bearish as mentioned in our previous report once it was broken support level 18000 on weekly chart, short term support 17500 .............break below more down side, Trend is down and no need to buy side. Sell andSell.
some stocks to be watch out as they had broken major long support and fresh down ward bias will be resume.
Can Bank...............Mentioned to short 300 and below 285 free fall almost wipe out 30 points. now support zone 250 watch out which is also 200 DMA.
DLF.....................Major support broken 105 with decent volume and closed below. Now read totest 92 85 mark in coming days.
Bank of Baroda.
As we are bearish of this stock from the level of 160 and last support exit likely 145 in coming days, thereafter be prepare for free fll.
Reliance Capital.
Weakness continue and last support 410 which is already broken
on intra day basis. A heavy short position build up in system and looks it will test 385 thereafter 365 in coming days.
Reliance Infra.
Play for short side, Already broken 456 support level will go towards 426 420 mark.
Near to decent support 200 DMA which is placed at 114. break or make situation.
Last support exit 243................thereafter
free fall towards 235 228 mark.
Yes Bank,..........
As we are bearish from the level of 1200 and near to support level 1100-1090, which is also placed at 200 DMA, below this level sustained with volume non stop target 900 +. Sell side.
Indus Bank.....
Read to big fall towards 1000
mark, consider resistance 1070
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Some front line stock to be watch out.
This is for technical level but Entry , Exit and stop loss
for subscriber only........ Followers of these levels 90 % chances of gain can not be ruled out.
Axis Bank.
Trend is down and already break down previous support level. Ultimate target 372 looks in coming days. Trend will be change only above 490.
Bank of Baroda...
Trend is down and remain short side, However, consider support 140 and major resistance 165 170
Bharti Air Tel......
Looks major bearishness in this stock and do not think to bottom fishing. We may consider resistance 325, down side once break down 280 major fall towards 250 mark.
BPCL ....................
Trend is positive as long as hold 580 mark,
Major bullishness once closed above 650 mark.
Trend is down, but we may consider support 100 mark whereas can buy in small lots, short term resistance 120 125 watch out.
HCL Tech....................
Trend is bullish and any decline to buy side.
Consider decent support 750 mark,
After sharp move, some profit taking seen in this counter.
Trend is bullish and expected target 200 +
down side support 140 145 mark.
Hind Lever....
Near to multiple support level which is placed at 780
mark and it should not break and closed below, otherwisie
big panic in this counter.
ICICI Bank................
Trend is down but any sharp decline to buy side,
short term support 240 must hold, till then bullish
view continue towards 290 mark.
Long term trend is good with consider support nearly 490 mark and holding these level bull move intact, resistance 581.
Trend is up with consider support 1280 and resistance 1420
any sharp decline to long side.
One of the best stock in Portfolio.
Major support 1180 1190, resistance 1290 1300
Any decline to buy side.....
Good trading stock for day traders.
Over all trend is down and time to avoid.
a lot of problem in USA........... so avolid.
Excellent stock for long term and portfolio
Consider decent support 180 and buy side.
Rise in Crude oil positive forthis stock.
Buy for portfolio for 50 per cent return in short term.
Reliance Capital.
Time to avoid but good for trading purpose.
. Consider support 390-400 range and resistance 480 watch out.
Excellent stock for day traders.
Consider support 240 + and resistance 270 mark
Any decline to buy side.....
Sun Pharma......................
From 1200 to 600 + almost wipe out 50 percent
Consider decent support 572 580 mark
around that level play for portfolio and this is a last opportunity thereafter never seen this price in screen.
Tata Motors.
Our one of the hot favorite. There is no question about this company, management and product. One of the best company in Auto Sector in Asia.
Consider major support 390-400 and any decline to
buy for portfolio for 4 digit mark for patience investors.
Tata Steel.....
Over all trend is good but over priced
Time for correction towards 375 380 mark.
Till that avoid.
One of the best stock in IT sector.
Any sharp decline to buy small lots
for portfolio.
Tech Mahindra.
One of the cheapest stock in IT sector of front line. PE almost 12 + so any decline to buy side with consider major support in long term chart 400-410 and resistance 520. Buy and forget.
A long journey completed this stock and time to cool.
Please avoid time being, however, decline to buy side
with consider support 180-190 range.
Yes Bank......
After sharp correction some support seen
now consider support 1050 mark
and resistance 1250. Buy on decline for Portfolio.
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Market out look for next week

As the next week going to Holding mood and in our Indian market expiry week also so some movement we expect which are as under.Nifty.............Already broken support level and consider resistance 8020-8055 thereafter 8100 till not cross these level remain short side, Crossover it will show real strength but bull move change only above 8300 on closing basis.On down side consider support 7900 which is the last leg of support, and thereafter big fall and bad news in the market reflect resulted it will come down towards 7500 to 7000 or even lower levels. This is a technical levels and probability only.
Bank Nifty..................
After break down 18500 over all selling in the market and remain sell side or sell on rise strategy till not cross 19000 mark.
Down side it will support 17500 and below. However, Bank Nifty already closed below 18000 on weekly chart so technical level indicate major down side in coming days which may go up to 16000 or 15000. This is a technical levels only.
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Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Market out look.....................
Market are continue in down side and near to
decent support , once break this level over all selling in the market.
We may consider support 8050, decisively break with volume
over all selling in the market and downside target 8000-7950 7920 likely in near term.
Higher level resistance 8200 watch out, decisively crossover
trend will be change.
Bank Nifty : also looking bearish and Tuesday more than 4 lac shares added in short side and total OI stood around 26 lacs.
so any rise to sell side..................Till remain below 18350-18500 range weakness continue, down side support 18000-17900 once break these level down side target 17500 +.
Stock to bw watch out.
Axis Sell on rise
Can Bank.................Big short seen
Bank of Baroda broken
Hindalco.............near to support level
HDFC.................Panic to buy

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Rocking call in Stock Market Today

Sell  Union Bank at 134 stop loss 136 target 128
1 lot   - Profit Rs. 24000

Sell SBI  Below 260 stop loss 263 target 255
1 lot  - ProfitRs. 15000

Sell ICICI Bank below 256 stop loss 258 target 251 250
1 lot    - profit Rs. 12500

Option Market Call

Union Bank
Buy 130  put at 1.50 stop loss 1
target 4   -  
Profit Rs. 10000 - on intra day
Investment amount 6000

TCS  - Buy  1000 call
at 20 target 50
booked 50 +  
Proit Rs. 15000
Investment Amount 10000

Bank Nifty  18200 call sell at 150
target 50

covered intra day

Bank Nifty  18000  sell call 
at 300 target 150
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In equity market 

Sell Bank Nifty below 18250

Sell Union Bank at 134
Sell SBI at 260
Sell ICICI Bank at 257
Buy Union Bank  put  130 at 1.50  now 3.50
bank nifty call  18000  and 18200
at 250 and 100

almost 150 and 50
100   percent profit

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Market up dated

Nifty   spot resistance 8140   8150
crossover some positive otherwise down side
target 8060  8050

Bank Nifty  resistance18400 18500
if not cross down side target 18000 17900
thereafter be prepare for big down side
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Monday, December 19, 2016

Market out look....for 20th December

Market are continue in trading range and finally closed near to 8100 level.
As regards, Nifty, we may consider support 8050 8000 mark in near near, whereas resistance is 8150 8200 mark. We think that Nifty will hold support level and good bounce back in the market.

Bank Nifty also looking trading range in future and closed near to 18300. We may consider decent support 18000 18050 mark and likely bounce back, higher level 18450 18600 crossover only will move further.
Shanta rally likely.
Some stocks to be sell side...........
ICICI Bank...........with stop loss
SBI, with stop loss
Union Bank .........sell with stop loss............
Bharat Finance.............. sell with stop loss.
Asian paints ........ sell with stop loss....
TCS..............Buy with stop loss with stop loss.......
ICICI with stop loss.
IBREAL..............Buy with stop loss
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In INDIAN EQUITY market, today NIFTY given close with red note around 8139, with -14 points, due to weak global sentiments, today we saw in morning session it open with positive note around 8178 and after opening levels it made a high of 8178 same as opening levels but it not sustaining there facing selling pressure it slip down and whole day it traded within very small range with low volume, it made a low of 8127, and end of day given close around 8139 with red note, showing weakness but now it traded near to support levels if it close below 8120 then downside it will be test 8100-8070 also keep close watch on these levels with some positive global news pull back also possible so be cautious on every levels either side move possible

This weekly TCS this week it given close around 2283, with bullish candle this week it made a high of 2288, low of 2166+ buy on decline strategy don’t go for aggressive short side it has one resistance around 2320-2330 when it close above these levels then fresh upside move possible keep close watch.
In weekly chart of WIPRO close around 464+, with green candle, in weekly chart it traded within range of 475-453 when it close above or below this range then fresh breakout possible so keep close watch on these levels
In weekly chart of HCLTECH, given close around 822, with green candle, now it traded near to breakout levels if it closes above 845-847 then fresh upside move possible buy on decline strategy.

TATAMOTORS this week given close around 472, with green candle, it taken good support of 440+ buy on decline with same stop loss upside it will be test 480-500+ soon don’t go for aggressive short side.
BAJAJ-AUTO this week close around 2663, with red note this week it made a low of 2636, overall trend is bearish it facing resistance around 2780+ fresh move above only 2780 otherwise buy on decline it has support around 2600 watch out.

HEROMOTO CORP this week given close around 3135 with red candle, this week it facing resistance around 3270 downside it has good support around 3100 keep watch out more downfall possible.

 TATASTEEL this week given close around 415 with red note, it again facing resistance around 432+ sell on rise with same stop loss downside it will be test again 410-405 again watch out fresh upside move above only 432 on closing basis.

 HINDALCO this week given close around 170.7+, with bearish candle due to profit booking on higher levels, last 4 weeks it traded within range of 183-166 when it close above or below the either side move possible watch out.

VEDL this week it given close around 231 with bearish candle due to profit booking on higher levels, some more downfall possible here it will be test 224 again it’s good support zone also so sell on rise for trading purpose.


Reliance industries this week it given close around 1058 with green note, this week it given fresh breakout above 1040+ buy on decline, upside it will be test 1080+ levels and more keep close watch given levels good support around 1040. Below 1040 don’t hold your long position.

ONGC this week given close around 202, with red candle, it continue follow the upside trend buy on decline only don’t go or short side upside it will be test 220-224 also in upcoming sessions it has good support around 195 on closing basis.

CAIRN INDIA this week given close around 256 with red candle due to profit booking, but overall trend is bullish so buy on decline strategy it has good support around 245-246 watch out.

GAIL in this weekly close with bearish candle around 415, this week it made a low of 411.7 it’s good support zone, if it sustaining above 440 then upside fresh move possible, otherwise sideways or range bound trade possible.

BPCL this week given close around 611, with red candle this week it made a high of 633.9, overall trend is bullish buy on decline only don’t go for aggressive short side use any downfall for buying upside it will be test new 52 weeks high again
SBIN in this week given close around 264.7+ with red candle, this week it made low of 259.6, it taken good support again 254 levels, buy on decline strategy upside it will be test 275-277 don’t go for aggressive short side.

In weekly chart ICICIBANK given close with bearish  candle around 256, last 3-4 weeks it traded within range of 251-270 when it close or above this range then either side move possible downside it will be test 240 also when it close below 251.

AXIS BANK in weekly chart given close with bullish candle around 472.9, this week it given first sign for worst is over now, buy on decline strategy for short term with stop loss of 440 below on close upside it will be test 500+ levels.


BANK OF BARODA this week given close around 159.9 with red note, but this week it not performed well it made a low of 156.4, but taken good support buying opportunity here with same stop loss on closing upside it will be test again 168-172 also watch out.

Commodity out look. on Weekly Basis

Trend is down and resistance of this week is 27870 and support 26717 below further weakness.. 
 Strategy : sell on rise
Total OI 6213 conract 
50 DMA 29162, 200 DMA 29995
Our short call from 30000

Trend is down as long as trading below 42000 mark.
Down side support 38450 38000 range whereas some buying will be emerged in this counter,
higher level resistance 42640 mainly watch
Strategy - Sharp dip to buy side, otherwise trend is down
Total OI 14089
50 DMA 41661 - 200 DMA 42323
Our Short Call : 42500

On weekly - chart, bullish head and shoulder pattern
indicate major up side left ...
Consider support 3331 till not break..............
up move continue,
higher level resistance 3704 also watch out.
Strategy : Trend is up and buy on decline strategy
Total OI 24000 which is long side
50 DMA 3277 - 200 DMA 3080
Our long Call : 3300

Short term trend is down, long term trend is up
Time being consider resistance 390-395 level
crossover 397, it will show power and now big move
down side support 380 382 must hold and it should not break
Strategy : Buy on decline
Total OI around 15097
50 DMA 359 200 DMA 330
Our Long call 325 and 345

Near to strong support range on daily and weekly
chart 740 750................ hold this range bounce
and bull move intact...............Last and final resistance
820 thereafter 1000 mark.
Strategy : Buy on decline
Total OI 11411 which is long side
50 DMA 738 200 DMA 662
OUR Long Call 700 
support 749, resistance 782

Natural Gas.................
Long term trend is a very bullish and ultimate
target 300 mark in coming days....................
Consider support 222 and resistance 252
.above 235 sustained it will show some positive bias on this week.
Strategy : Buy on decline
Total OI 4401
50 DMA 211 200 DMA 177.80
Our long Call 220

Trend is positive and buy on decline strategy cotninue
Consider support 115-116 range and resistance 121, taken
out this range will move towards 130 mark.
Consider weekly resistance 119.30 and support 116
Buy on decline strategy.
Strategy : Buy on decline
Total OI 2717 50 DMA 115.40, 200 DMA 109
Our Long call 111

Very bullish trend and holding their support level
which is placed at 179 180 range .....
major weakness once break this level with volume
and added open interest, otherwise trend is up.
Consider Trend Decider 186, holding above this level 
up side again test 195, , down side once break 179 last
support 177.50, thereafter free fall towards 171 +
Trend is up : Buy on decline strategy
Total OI6685
50 DMA 171 200 DMA 147
Our Long call 145 and 166

Lead :
Trend is strong up trend as long as hold 150 mark.
in this week consider resistance 155, sustained above
it will show power.
Higher level resistance 163.10 watch out, 
and support 149 must watch.
Strategy : Buy on Decline
Total OI 1884
50 DMA 146 200 DMA 127.50
Our Long call 121 136

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Saturday, December 17, 2016


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Friday, December 16, 2016

Commodity Market....

Natural Gas...........broken support level,
looks some more selling pressure today

Nickel...........near to support level
whereas to bounce back likely

GOLD/Silver..............sell on rise continue...........

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Over all trend is bearish  in precious metal.
gold likely test 25000  25500
in coming days.


as remai below 40500
down side target 38500 38000

hold 380 k looks good and remain long side
 Some profit bookin but major weaknessonly once break and trade below 3400 mark


stop loss for long 230

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