Monday, December 26, 2016

Market out look for next week

As the next week going to Holding mood and in our Indian market expiry week also so some movement we expect which are as under.Nifty.............Already broken support level and consider resistance 8020-8055 thereafter 8100 till not cross these level remain short side, Crossover it will show real strength but bull move change only above 8300 on closing basis.On down side consider support 7900 which is the last leg of support, and thereafter big fall and bad news in the market reflect resulted it will come down towards 7500 to 7000 or even lower levels. This is a technical levels and probability only.
Bank Nifty..................
After break down 18500 over all selling in the market and remain sell side or sell on rise strategy till not cross 19000 mark.
Down side it will support 17500 and below. However, Bank Nifty already closed below 18000 on weekly chart so technical level indicate major down side in coming days which may go up to 16000 or 15000. This is a technical levels only.
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