Friday, August 18, 2017

Major Resistance Nifty

Major Resistance Nifty
9940-9950 crossover No Open Short
Major support 9850 break down .. selling opportunity

Mrket Out Look   :       Market are consolidation range and support at lower levels and resistance at higher side.   Over all trend is sideways and any break out in either side,  we will see major up move in 100 to 150 points.    Banking stocks looks good and buy on decline,  FMCG are looking good and buy side,   Pharma stocks to avoid.  Metal stocks buy on decline strategy.
Nifty Spot  :       Trading range 9850-9950  weakness to buy side and  resistance to sell side.   Above 9950  very hot and move towards 10000-10046 and above.

Nifty Future  :         Consider support 9870 break and trade below looks selling opportunity, higher level resistance 9950-9955 thereafter major short covering in the market.
Bank Nifty Future  :     Higher level major sell off saw at higher level 24500 which is consider resistance level,  lower level support 23800-24000  holding these level , big movement in coming days can not be ruled out.
PSU Bank INDEX  :       Trend is again side ways with consider resistance 3400 and support 3200-3250 watch out.   Over all oversold and ready to move due to short covering.

Long side   :     Hexaware, HDFC   

Short Side :    Apollo Hospital, Power Grid, Reliance, Aurbindo Pharma, ICICI Bank, TCS, LT, Arvind Mills and many more
OI Spurt  in interms of Contract:
 BEML 1716 long side, HDFC   2510 long side, Reliance 3852 Heavy short saw,  Vedal  871 long side, Yes Bank 1468 short side, Tata Motor 1412 short side, Bank of Baroda 314 short covering.  Aurbindo Pharma 947 short side, Sun Pharma 875 short covering.
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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Any Rise to Sell and Exit

Any Rise to Sell and Exit
Trend Reversal Above 10136

 More up side and cautious aapproach
At higher level.

Mrket Out Look   :     Last two trading sessions, strong short covering seen resulted up move and almost closed with a decent gained of more than 100 points.   Short term more up side and holding above 9850  and Bank Nifty 24300   more up side in the market. Time being fresh short avoid and play with market trend.
Nif ty Spot  :       Support nearly 9851-9810  and resistance 9945-9950 watch out, closed above 9950 first sign of trend reversal and recent low have been bottom for the time being.

Nifty Future  :     Consider support  9850-9860 whereas to a good support and buying opportunity, resistance 9940-9950 watch out.

Bank Nifty Future  :     Finally broken resistance level 24300 and closed above indicate some more up side in coming days with consider support 24310 and near term resistance 24700-24650 watch out.
PSU Bank INDEX  :      Yesterday low a very crucial of PSU Index and Psu Banking stocks like, SBI, Can Bank, Bank of Baroda, PNB, Union Bank, OBC and man more.   Close eye yesterday low, if not break short covering likely.
Long side   :     Hero Motor, Ashok Leyland, VEDL, Bank of Baroda, HDFC, LIC and ITC

Short Side :    Havells, LT, Reliance, Yes Bank and Bio con.

OI Spurt  in interms of Contract:
 Biocon 1688 short side, Ashok Leyland 1283 long side, YES BANK 2284 short side, SBI 1354 long saw, Tata Motor 1074, short covering, PNB 1457 short covering, ITC 1353 short covering, Bank of Bank 964 long side, ICICI Bank 863 long side, Hindalco 538 long side, Petronet LNG 21  short covering and many more.
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Friday, August 11, 2017
Nifty Taken Support 9775
Break these level – major panic on card
Otherwise  ………….?
Mrket Out Look   :   Market are continue in selling mode and intra day panic selling saw in market and resulted sharp decline and some smart move on intra  day, however closed with a negative bias.  Short term trend is down and time being fresh long avoid and rise to sell side.
Nifty Spot  :   Consider resistance 9830-9850  crossover only it will show strength, down side support around  yesterday low 9775 and break these level down side target 9725-9700, thereafter big fall in market can not be ruled out.
Nifty Future  :     Higher level resistance continue 9850-9860 reversal to sell side.
Bank Nifty Future  :    Consider resistance 24450-24500  and support 24180, break this level more down side towards 24000. SBI result likely a big role play.
PSU Bank INDEX  :     Resistance at higher level 3500-3510, down side support 3400  break down real panic will be start.
Long side   :     Britiana Ind. Pidlite, TCS, Hindalco.
Short Side :    Aurbindo pharma, PFC, BHEL, Sun Pharma, Tata Motor, Dr. Readdy Lab, Bank of Baroda
Short Covering  :    LT, ITC, Canfin Home, Infosys.
OI Spurt  in interms of Contract:
 MothersonSumi 384, Tata Motor 6265 (short side) Bhel 1337 (short side), Sun Pharma 2671 short side, SBI – 671, HDFC – 243, DLF – 2228 Long exit, Dr Readdy Lab 1317  fresh short.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017



As mentioned yesterday and today market turned

time being bearish and do not try to bottom  fishing or any long call except heding strategy.

More down side likely in coming days.........

market up dated


market are over sold zone
and possible intra day some recovery
any rise to sell side, buy only intra day andclosed
position end orf the day.

Bank Nifty   :  high volatility expected due to weekly expiry, however hold 24200 in future intra day  short covering likely.....

Nifty  consider suppor 9800 9820  around
these level no short sell and some support likely.

Trading consider rresult stock
and take advantage with either side..
with strict stop loss
and heding....
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Market out Look  for 10th August 2017
As expected  after sharp rise and geopolitical tension market are in correcting mode and looks that more down side in coming days. On Wednesday , over all broad based selling were saw in market and perhaps no segment save this falling market. Over all trend is short turned into bearish mode and more selling pressure in coming days.   Do not  fresh long any thing and any should be keep strict stop loss and save your financial health.
Nifty Spot :
As we are continuing mentioned that market likely in top out time being and it was closed below 10000 mark and 9950 , as long as trading below these level, weakness continue towards 9800 and break these level non stop target 9755 thereafter 9646 possible.   Trend will be change only above 10100 if closed successfully with added open interest.
Nifty Future :
Over all trend is bearish and any rise intra day to selling opportunity. Consider intra day resistance 9940-9950 whereas to selling opportunity, down side break and trade below 9900 selling pressure will be accelerated.
Bank Nifty future :
As mentioned earlier, 25000 have been top established and likely it will not cross easily in coming days and Wednesday closed with a negative bias with a loss of more than 200 points.  We are continuing mentioned this column Bank Nifty likely correct 8 to 15 percent in coming days.  Now last support of this leg 24200024220, break these level with volume  sharp fall towards 23500 +.  Trend Reversal only above 25260.

Open Interest Analysis
Long side :  Page Industries, Havells, Bank of India, titan and Reliance Capital.
Short Covering  :   HDIL and Kotak Bank
Long Exit  : MGL and KPIT
Shortside :  Long list ………..Cadila Health Care, Aurbindo Pharma, Tata Motor, Ajanta Pharma SRF, and Cipla
Aubindo Pharma :  Before result heavy short have been established and almost  15 lacs shares added along with major OI added in 700 and 680 put along with unwinding call of 720 740 which are indicate free fall likely.  
Tata Motors :  Result out which is not upto the market and likely price will be fall once market open.  So time being do not buy and once break 415 lower level target 400   395. Trend will be change above 430 only.
GAIL  :   Before result Long unwinding seen by way of 3.42 lac shares, Higher level to sell side.
Bharat Forge : Result will announced on 10th august and before that long exit and fresh short seen.  So only sell side.

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9630466296 -9203901698
Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Lower Top – Lower Bottom

Lower Top – Lower Bottom
Banking Stocks – Sell on Rise
Big down side in coming days.

Mrket Out Look   :         Tuesday market was very poor market and market closed with a negative bias due to  profit booking and SEBI letter of Shell companies.    Over all higher level to sell side specially in bank Nifty.  Fresh long should be avoid  and stock specify movement in market continue.
Nifty Spot  :   Consider resistance 10000  and remain below 9950 thereafter over all selling towards 9920-9900 and 9850. 
Nifty Future  :     Sell on rise continue with consider resistance 10150 and support  9950-9911.
Bank Nifty Future  :   Strong resistance 24900-25000 and remain below selling continue, once break 24500  more selling towards 24100-24000.   10 to 15% correction likely in coming days.  
PSU Bank INDEX  :     Trading range 3500 to 3620  ..  higher level to sell side. x
Long side   :     MRPL, Muthooth Finance, Hindalco, MGL, Cipla, Tata Steel, NMDC, Century Textile, Aur. Pharma, GAIL
Short Side :   Infra Tel, DCB Bank, Sintex, Jindal Steel, Dr Readdy Lab, DLF, LIC, Tata Motor, OBC, ITC Bank of India, Union Bank
Short Covering  :  VEDL, Hindalco, Hexaware, JSW Steel.
OI Spurt  in interms of Contract:
Jindal Steel 2925, Century Textile 1558, Axis Bank 1810, Tata Motor 3102, Hindalco 2253, Cipla 1154, Yes Bank 1292, SBI 1082, ICICI Bank 1730.
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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Market are volatile…

Market are volatile…
Maajor resistance ahead at higher level

Mrket Out Look   :        As on Monday market in narrow range and closed  near to Friday closing which indicate short term selling opportunity at higher level as well as profit booking continue.  We may advised to concentrate stock which is result going on.  
Nifty Spot  :   Consider support   10000-10010, resistance 10100-10120 watch out.
Nifty Future  :     Higher level to sell side with consider resistance 10120-10150 watch out, support 10050
Bank Nifty Future  :   strong resistance 25000-25200 and is not easy task to cross these level in coming days.  Major up move only above 25250 if sustained with volume  
PSU Bank INDEX  :     Resistance 3690-3700 and support 3600-3610 watch out.
Long side   :     Britiana Industries, Apolloy Tyres, Arvind Mills Ltd, Jet Airways.
Short Side :   Repco Homes, Dish TV, Sun TV.
OI Spurt  in interms of Contract:
 REPCO  554, Apollo Tyre 2700, Arvind Mills 968, HPCL 3889, Sun TV 1141, Tata Motor 1366  HDFC Bank 1051, India Cement – 6.01, Reliance 1947, Reliance Capital 98
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Monday, August 7, 2017





Market are volatile…

Market are volatile…

Mrket Out Look   :       Market are in wide range with high volatility, after decline, Friday again buying seen due to excellent result delivery by some Nifty based companies and due to short covering in the market.   Now we may consider time being support at lower level 9980-10000 mark till hold buy on dip strategy and at resistance level to selling opportunity with tight stop loss.
Nifty Spot  :   Consider support   10000 and resistance 10075  crossover and stay above move towards 10100-10130 can  not be ruled out.
Nifty Future  :      Consider support 10050 and resistance in near term around 10150. Sharp dip to buy side.
Bank Nifty Future  :   Strong recovery seen at lower level, time being support 24500-24600 range and resistance 24900-25000 watch out, above 25000 more short covering likely.
PSU Bank INDEX  :     Resistance at higher level 3650 and support nearly 3550-3510 level to be watch out.
Long side   :     Titan, India Bull Real Estate, Ujjaivan, Jet Airwas, Muthooth Finance, Tata Steel, Century Textile
Short Side :   Dr Readdy Lab, Chennai Petro, Bioco, HDIL and Chenai Petrol, KPIT, Sun Pharma, Amararaja Battery and Ceat Ltd
OI Spurt  in interms of Contract:
 Titan 2229, IBREAL 1399, Ujjavain 2364, HDIL 1790, Dr Readdy 3615,  HPCL 2156, Tata Steel   1197, Reliance 2346, Sun Pharma 2373,   India Cement 1205. PNB – 320 and many more.
Friday, August 4, 2017

Lower Top – Lower bottm formation

Lower Top – Lower bottm formation
Bearish signals…
More correction on card…?

Mrket Out Look   :       Market are continue in selling mode after RBI policy  and broad based sellingseen in Banking, Metal, Pharma stocks, however, stock specify movement continue in the market.  Over all short term trend is down and be prepare for more correction in near term.

Nifty Spot  :   Consider support   10000, break down lower level support 9950-9940 and 9910, resistance 10050-10100 watch out.  Higher level to sell side
Nifty Future  :     Only sell side………remain below 10100  bearish view continue in market
Bank Nifty Future  :   Break down support level 25000   on sell side, do not try to bottom fishing
PSU Bank INDEX  :     Sell on rise only.. 
Long side   :     Forts, Ambuja Cements, IOC, Colpal, Bata India, BPCL, Titan, HPCL, TCS.
Short Side :   Lupin, Union Bank, Can Bank, Jindal Steel, Syndicate Bank, India Cement, Dr Readdy Lab, Tata Motor, Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, ITC, ICICI Bank, LIC Housing, DLF, HDFC  ONG, KTK Bank
OI Spurt  in interms of Contract:
 Bata India 1238, IOC 4049, Lupin 1655, Coal India 2022 HPCL 1713, Reliance 3352, Ujjavain 510, Tata Motor 2207, ICICI 2178, Sun Pharma 2050, Wockhard – 836 .
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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Avoid Trading in Index

Avoid Trading in Index
Break Yeserday Low – More Correction
First 30 minutes wait and watch.

Mrket Out Look   :       As expected RBI policy and not reduced 0.50 rate cut result over all selling in the market in Bank Nifty and resulted over all market closed with negative bias.  Now short term trend is down, however, long trend is up, time to buy only stock specify .
Nifty Spot  :   Consider support   10050, decisively trading below down side towards 10000 and below more towards 9950  + Resistance at higher level 10130-10150 continue.
Nifty Future  :     Time to sell on rise as long as remain below 10150 for target 10000 and below.  Above 10150 trend reversal likely.  

Bank Nifty Future  :   Heavy selling seen after RBI Policy, time being avoid trading in Index and stock specify movement. PNB, Canara Bank, Syndicate Bank, Union Banks looks selling opportunity
PSU Bank INDEX  :     Broken support level, time being avoid trading in index, however locate selling opportunity of  PSU Banks.
Long side   :     Ceat Ltd, Titan, Apollo Tyres, Voltas.
Short Side :  Godrej CP, Infibeam, Union Bank, Wock Hard Pharma, BHEL, Bank of India Syndicate Bank, Canara Bank.
OI Spurt  in interms of Contract:
Wockhard 2437, Ceat 917, Voltas 949, Titan 522, PNB 2165, Union Bank 765, Hindalco 1194, Lupin Lab 23154 SBI 524, Tata Motor 1287, Sun Pharma 1967, ICICI Bank 1043.
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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Today Trend Decider

Today Trend Decider
RBI Policy. 

Mrket Out Look   :      Market are strong bullish note and intra day some small correction strong buying force emerged in the market and almost closed with a days high which indicate market are full control of bulls and do not want to give any liberty to bear group.  At that level, gains and correction and it should be accepted without any emotions.
Nifty Spot  :   Consider support   10100-10110, resistance at  10130, crossover it will move towards 10166-10196-10214 likely.
Nifty Future  :     Decent support  10100-10080 range, holding above 10150, big move towards 10250-10300 marks.  
Bank Nifty Future  :   Up move continue and today trading above 25250  up side towards 25400 25500 can ot be ruled out.
PSU bank INDEX  :     Consider support  3600  and resistance 3750 watch out in coming days.
Long side   :     HDFC Ltd – 200 points move without any pause. Indigo , Bank of India (Short covering), Reliance Capital, Canara Bank, Ashok Leyland, IRB, Jet Airways.
Short Side : LT , LIC Housing, India Cement, ICICI Bank and Biocon
OI Spurt  :
Marico  966,  Tech Mahindra 4619, Voltas 850, PNB 3816, Lupin 3382, HIndalco 1432, JSW Steel 1515, SBI 1681, Tata Motor 1312, SRT Finance – 223, PC Jewellers 747.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017



NIFTY ABOVE 10120, SHARP MOVE...........

BANK NIFTY ABOVE 25250...........TARGET 25750................