Saturday, March 31, 2018

Market out look dated 2nd April 2018

Market out look dated    2nd April  2018
Trading Range in Nifty 10100 to   10230
Bank Nifty – 24000 to 24500
  Market out Look   :               Market are continue in choppy and as a financial year some profit booking seen at higher  level.  However, at current level, bulls and bears fight continue and bulls do not want to give up whereas bears are trying to  full force to market come down, but almost  1200 points down  from the high, at current level, no one want to more sell side.  As we can say that time being market are consolidation range and waiting for break out in either side, however, time being down side is very limited and almost short term bottom have been established around 9950-10000 range which likely hold in the month of April as always April is good for bulls but May month is bear favour and say tat sell and go.     On the flip side, in April series short  rollover seen which may indicate weakness likely to continue.  In Nifty short rollover seen in April series.   Among sectors, IT, Media and FMCG saw more of long positions being rolled over whereas PSU Banks and cement witnessed more of short position in April series  Overall market likely to remain subdues in first half of the April series, the latter half will be directed by earning and global ques.  
Options data for the Nifty April suggested that maximum positions are concentrate in the  put side is 10000 and 9800, whereas the 10500 strike of call maximum positions among Nifty.  
Nifty   :           After sharp down side, Nifty are taking support at lower level which is placed around 9950-10000 range and number of stocks are trading near to  200 DMA which is likely a support area at near term. On the higher side resistance observed 10230-10276 which is a major supply zone and  successfully crossover will move further due to short covering.
Bank Nifty  :           After sharp sell off smart pull back seen from the lower level but major challenge of Bank Nifty is 24500 whereas a major supply seen in the month of March series.  However,  chances of down side is very limited with consider support around 24000-24100 range , whereas resistance 24500, once   successfully crossover with decent volume, sharp move towards 24750-25000-25200 likely in near term.  So as long as holding 23800, an dip to buy side  is a best strategy time being.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

market update

points and some upside continue in market.  Over all our market is over sold, so short term up side can not be ruled out till Nifty hold 9950 mark.   Any intra day dip to buy side.  Time being avoid short sell.
Nifty   :         Consider support 10140010100, resistance 10200-10225,crossover sharp move towards 10276   10300 watch out.   Panic to buy side.
Bank Nifty  :           After sharp sell off, smart recovery seen at lower level and nifty able to hold 24000  mark. We may consider resistance 24500 crossover and stay above, up side towards 24750 24800   25000 mark, lower level support 24200-24000 watch out.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

market update

Market turned trend change,after sell of 1200 points rally, corrective rally on the card, as always April Month is favour of Bulls.  As short term market  have been made a bottom 9900-9950 as long as holding thse level, any weakness to buy side, fresh short avoid time being.  On the otherh andglobal ques also favour of bulls so take advantage of rally and play with trend and buy side.  If market open with upside gap, risk reward is not favour of bulls, wait for consolidation. 
Monday, March 26, 2018

market update

Market Trend
Trauncted Week. Being a expiry, year end,  long weekend .  Only tree days working in this week.

Over all trend is bearish  and Nifty break and closed below 10000 so weakness continue towards  9900-9910 which is a good support, break below more down side.     Any intra day rally to short side, do not try to bottom fishing.

Nifty  Spot
Down side support 9920-9950  Up side  Resistance 10030-10333 watch out.  Higher level to sell side.  

Nifty Future
Intra day weakness to buy around 9920 stop loss 9890 target 9980  10000.
On rise to sell side around 10040-10050 stop loss 10105  onclosing basis target 9950-9900.
Time being decent support 9900 watch out. 
Bank Nifty
Trend is bearish and intra day rally to sell side.  Sell on rise  23800-23850 stop loss above 24050 target   23700 23500. 23200
Weekly closed below 23500  - real blood bath in street
Friday, March 23, 2018

Market out look dated 23rd March 2018

Market Trend Today big sell off in market due to major jerk in USA market and trade war started by USA against China.   As we are continue advising to our all clients to no buy and only short side.   Having said that we are bearish from the level of 10750  and our first target 10000  today likely achieved, but hold short position.  More and More pain in kcoming days. 

As a lot of TV channels and Anchor recommending to create portfolio who have not made at  11000  and today available good price.  We advise to do not hurry buy, more down side in coming days and seating with cash is a best strategy in market.
Ultimate Target of Nifty 9145 and Bank Nifty 22000 +.

Nifty Support Today 9936………………..

Market out look dated 23rd March 2018

Market out look dated    23rd  March   2018
Ready for Big Fall   -
Nifty Below 10000  -
Bank Nifty   - Below 23800
Blood Bath in Stareet
  Market out Look   :             Market trend is down and continue having resistance 10200 10220  and finally break down earlier support 10133 and closed below.   As only 4 days are left of expiry of March  2018, Financial year ending,  long weekend and LTG effect in market, heavy long unwinding and selling .  On the other hand world market also panic due to trade war fear.    No Buy  only short side.
Nifty   :         Consider resistance 10150-10180, down side trading below 10000, get open towards 10050,   10000, thereafter non stop target  9937 likely.    
Bank Nifty  :           Trading range   24000   to    245000, Break down  24000  heavy sell of towards   23800   23700  likely.
 Short Side   :  SBI, ICICI Bank, Yes Bank, Voltas, Jet Airways, and many more.
Thursday, March 22, 2018

Market out look dated 22nd March 2018

Market out look dated    22nd March   2018
  Trading Range Nifty    10150 to  10300
Bank  Nifty    -   24000  to  24500
Pull back Rally use Short Side.
  Market out Look   :            Market are continue in volatile sessions and oopen with decent move  but higher level heavy selling pressure seen and finally closed with some gain.  However, trend is down and sharp rise to decent opportunity to short side.  Down side first target 10000   and once below major weakness in market.
Nifty   :            Trend is down with consider support 10140,  higher level resistance 10230, crossover move towards 10276   10300 whereas decent opportunity to short side.
Bank Nifty  :                Trading range   24000   to    24500,   crossover 24500, up side towards  24750  and 25000, lower level support around 24200-24000, break down these level major weakness and over all selling in market.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Market out look dated 21st March 2018

Market out look dated    21st  March   2018
  Nifty short term support   -  10000-10050
  Market out Look   :           After sharp decline, some support seen at lower lever due to short covering in major front line stocks.   Time being   hold these level some pull back rally towards    10200  or more extended possible towards   10250 10276.   However, these are pull back rally and try to shorting at higher levels.   Avoid bottom fishing. Correction and consolidation are part of the trend and we can not avoid.
Nifty   :            Today support 10090-10050, resistance   10160-10170, crossover it will move towards 10200  and 10250.
Bank Nifty  :                Trading range   24000   to   25000.   Today resistance 24350, crossover some up side towards  24500   thereafter more up side, lower level break  24000  real panic will be start.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Market out look dated 20th March 2018

Market out look dated    20th March   2018
 Trend is Down  and Down
More lower lever in  coming days….
Nifty Target 9145  and Bank Nifty   22000  (Be a patience)
We are in selling mode from the level of   10750

  Market out Look   :          Market are continue in selling mode due to weakness in global ques, profit taking   and LTG resulted more   lower level in coming days.  However, intra day any bounce back which will be short lived and try to exit long.   Please do not try to any long side time being.     Nifty already broken 200 DMA which is bench mark of Index and stocks even Fund Manager Portfolio..
Nifty   :           Yesterday major break down seen in Nifty.  Now today we may consider resistance 10180-10200  and break 10075  down side target 10000 , More selling pressure will be accelerated if trading below 10000 mark which may go towards 9900   +   Around these level avoid any fresh short and short should be covered.
Bank Nifty  :               We have seen major resistance 25000 25200 and we are in selling mode below 24750, now today  support 24100  and 23800 watch out.   Break down in Head and Shoulder patter will take  22000   and below.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Market out look dated 19th

Market Trend Big  sell off seen in Friday market Do not tempt to buy side as a lot anchor are continue to recommending to buy market now bottom out.   No one recommending to sell side due to vested intrest.   Trend is extremely bearish and hold short, and any rise to selling opportunity.  No buy side. 
Friday, March 16, 2018


Bank Nifty (Weekly) and Nifty

This scheme is design those traders who are not trading in Future market due to big lot size and high volatile, but want to trade in option market with low investment amount  along with small risk and return is very high on daily basis.   In some cases where is high volatility Profit is 100 to 500 percent possible on intra day basis in  Bank Nifty Options.

Salient features of scheme :
  1. Swing and Scalping strategy available on intraday basis whereas quick entry and exit in number of times during market hrs.
  2. Call will be given over WhatsApp messenger
  3. Call Frequency: Numbers of call in Bank Nifty and Nifty depend upon the market conditions and volatility.
  4. Small investors can make big money in short term with proper stop loss.

Example :
  1.  On  15th March  we have given a call  25000  put buy at 100  stop loss 50 target 200 240   300. Within 10 minutes move up to 240  but book profit at 200 and gained Rs. 4000/-
  2. Bank Nifty:  Sell 24900 call around 80 stop loss 120 target 10 paisa, end of the day covered at   10 paisa. Total gained  Rs. 4800/-
  3. Buy Nifty Put    10400 at 90 stop loss 85 target 110   120.  Booked at 110 gained of 20 points i.e.   Rs. 1500/-
  4. Buy Nifty Put   10400 at 100 stop loss 60 hold till expiry for target 300 400.  In this call risk is only   40 points whereas profit around 300 points and risk reward ratio is 1:9.

Subscription Charges:
Monthly - 3000/-
6 Monthly   -    15000/-

For subscription just click  : ……..
3M TEAM Research
  Cell No. 9630466296

Winning Calls

Winning Calls

We are a SEBI registered advisory company and working in stock – commodity market for the last last 25 years.   This scheme  is manly design for those traders who are not interested to trade on  frequently on daily basis but want to trade in one or two times in a day  (Intra day)  with highest accuracy .  In this call will be derived in extensive research and swing based trading strategy whereas the entry and exit is quick.

Salient feature of Scheme :

  1. This scheme is applicable purely on intra day basis in FO and Cash Market Segment.
  2. Call will be given over Whatasapp messenger
  3. Call Frequency  -  1 or 2 call per day.
  4. In case if there is no profit generated, next call will be provided absolutely free.
  5. Clients can buy/sell in as per has choice in terms of qty.
  6. Expected profit of each call   5000 and above. 
  7. Call will be given only front lines tocks whereas jobbing is very low  and having volume.

Example :
  1. Sell  Nifty  Future   4 lots at 10450  stop loss 10465 target 10400 –
  2. Buy  ICICI Bank  around 300 + stop loss 299 target 303   305
  3. Sell  - SBI at 259  stop loss 260.10 target 256 255.
  4. Sell PNB on rise at 103  stop loss 103.60 target 101   100.

Subscription Charges :  
One call      Rs.   1000/-
Five calls    Rs.   4000/-
Ten Calls – Rs.   7000/-

For subscription just click  : ……..
3M TEAM Research
  Cell No. 9630466296

Market out look dated 16th

Market out look dated    16th
  Market are Choppy  and higher level cautious approach.
  Market out Look   :        Market are continue in choppiness and higher level selling pressure continue  and unable to surpass resistance level.  Over all trading range 10300 to 10450, wait and watch these range and any trade  should be after break out this range.  
Nifty   :           Nifty finally face resistance 10440-10450 range and unable to surpass and heavy selling pressure resulted closed  near to days low.  We may consider, multiple resistance and supply zone in near term 10450-10500, till not cross and closed above with decent added open interest, any rise to sell side, down side support 10330-10300, thereafter down side open towards 10275- 10141 and 10000 mark.  Sell on strength and buy on weakness is a strategy in market.
Bank Nifty  :              Bank Nifty continue facing resistance at higher level, as Thursday expiry day and some short covering seen at higher level  25000  but unable to surpass the same closed nearly  24800 mark.  Over all consider major resistance 25000-25050,  crossover and sustained above will move towards 25200 25500, on the lower side support nearly   24700-24500, break down these level, down side target 24300 24000  and more down side.
PSU Bank  Index   :    Finding the PSU B ank  stock charts looks highly over sold and  RSI is trading below  10 which can be consider highest low in ever.  So at the current level any short should be danger.  However, there is no end of bad news of PSU banks.  But at current level, we advised to all traders and investors if you are not comfortable to buy, please do not short at current level.     
On a technical side, resistance 3000-3010 and support 2800-2850 range. 
Open Interest Analysis   :
Long Side  :    NIIT Tech, Jubilant Food, Asian paints, Bata, Divis Lab
Short Side : Reliance, LT, ICICI Bank, VEDL, ONGC and many more.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Market out look dated 15th

Market out look dated    15th
 Trading range continue in Market
Nifty Trading Range 10300 to   10500
Bank Nifty  - Trading Range 24000 to  25200
  Market out Look   :       As expected  market open with down side gap and at mide of the day sharp sell off seen in market and almost tested previous support level  10333  and finally strong bounce back specially recovery lead by PSU Banks thereafter PVT sector Banks and market closed near to days high.  As today Bank Nifty expiry so high volatile market can not be ruled out.
Nifty   :          Trading range continue 10300 to 10450-10500.  Today support  10400 and 10380, as long as hold these level up side resistance 10450, crossover sharp move towards  10500-10530.   Strategy buy on dip and sell on rally.
Bank Nifty  :             Very smart move as expected holding above 24500 mark.  Now kconsider support range 24750-24800, up side resistance 25000-25100 whereas a supply zone, successfully crossover and stay above up side open towards 25500-25700-25750 whereas  corrective rally likely hault.
Open Interest Analysis   :
Long Side  :   Bank of India, Sun TV, OBC, TV 18, Bank of Baroda, Can Bank, Tech Mahindra, Union Bak
Short side – IOC, PFC and Marico.

More details call
Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Market out look dated 14th

Today sharp rally seen in due to extreme over sold zone and positive news by Bank of India with heavy volume. Following stocks are highly over sold and RSI is trading below 10 and even 5, so the current level any short sell will be dangerous and smart pull back can not be ruled out as today did.
Please find RSI of PSU Bank stocks
SBI......................BELOW 10
CAN BANK.........................7
INDIAN BANK..................13
UNION BANK.......................6
BANK OF INDIA................7

Market out look dated 14th

Market out look dated    14th
  Relief Rally facing resistance at  every higher level.
High volatile- Buy on dips and sell on rally 
  Market out Look   :   Market with good note and  intra day some sharp up move seen but due to some news of global tensions resulted  heavy selling in market and made a low 10377, but again some buying and almost closed near the yesterday closing level.    Over all trend is bearish and best strategy to sell on rise and strength and buy on dips.  
Nifty   :          Over all trend is down with consider resistance 10450-10500, crossover and stay above up side target 10561 and 10650, down side support 10377, reak down lower level test 10333 10300   10277.
Bank Nifty  :            Smart  rally from   24000  to 25000  +.  Now consider support 24500-24350, and holding above up side open towards 25000   25100  in near term.
Open Interest Analysis   :
Long Side  : IOC, Bank of India, Pidlite, Ashok Leyland, Ceat, Hexaware
Short side – TCS, Apollo Hospital, TVS Motor, Ambuja Cement.

More details call
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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Market out look dated 13th March

Market out look dated    13th March
Nifty Above 10333  relief rally continue towards
   After test  200 DMA and over sold market, and positive ness in global market,  Nifty finally pull back rally above 10333   and added around 190 points which  was almost last two years decent rally shown.  Short term trend is up and looks more up side in coming days due to over sold market and short covering. However, higher level again selling opportunity cannot be ruled out.   Buy on dips and sell on rallies is a best opportunity in market.
Nifty   :         Yesterday break out in trading range and almost gained more than 190 points. Now time being we may consider support around 10350-10360 and upper side open towards 10450, crossover and sustained above gate of open towards 10534 and 10654 in short term.  So take advantage of this rally and try to book profit at higher level.   
Bank Nifty  :            Smart pull back rally from the lower of 24000  and finally made a high around 214800.  As long as Bank Nifty holding above 24500, up side open towards 24800 25000 or even 25200 possible.  Higher level be cautious.   Decent support 24000-24200 range, break down these level over all selling in market. 
Positive bias in following stocks.
Reliance Ind, HDFC, HDFC Bank, LT Voltas,  Tata Motor, Century Texrtile, Maruti, HCL Tech and many more.

More details call
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Monday, March 12, 2018

Market out look dated 12th March

Market out look dated    12th March   
Relief Rally in  market if trading above 10330
   Market are continue in negative zone and any sharp rise seen selling opportunity in market.  However, after made a low 10140 some respite seen in market and looks some up side in near term due to over sold market.  Over all trend is bearish and any sharp rise to take advantage to exit long and fresh short position.  However, smart traders can take both side trades accordingly to level and moving.
Nifty   :         Over all trading range of 100 points which is 10200 to 10300  break out or break down these range will move nifty 10330 10350  which is a stiff resistance zone at current juncture, holding above, only some relief rally in market, down side support 10100 watch out.
Bank Nifty  :           Time being bottom have been established at 24000  and pull back rally seen around 24580, time being it has been resistance around 24600 24700 whereas a supply can not be ruled  out, don side below 24000, big gate open in market.

More details call
Friday, March 9, 2018

Market out look dated 9th March 2018

Market out look dated    9th March   2018 
Relief Rally in market as long as hold 10150  
  After a sharp decline market respect 200 DMA  and some pull back rally due to oversold market and positive ness in global market.  Take advantage of exit long but time being avoid any fresh short position in pull back rally.   More up dated in market hrs.
Nifty   :       Strong bounce back after 10140.  Now consider support 10200  and trading above 10276, up side rally towards 10300 10333-10350  or more extended towards 10400.  But higher level be cautious approach.
Bank Nifty  :           Time being bottom have been established at 24000  and pull back rally towards  24856 which is 78.6% retracement  of previous rally,    Major resistance 25500-25700  till not cross these levels do not think any respite in market.

More details call
Thursday, March 8, 2018

Market out look dated 8th March 2018

Market out look dated    8th March   2018 
Sell  - Sell  - Sell
Exit All  Mutual Funds Equity Scheme   - Hold SIP  (Money shift to liquid funds)
Nifty Will correct another 1000 points and above.
Bank Nifty will correct 2000 to 3000 points in near term.
 Market are continue in bearish mode once it was broken support level  10276.  Over all trend is bearish and intra day any rally or up side decent opportunity to short side.   However,  market are near to  200 DMA  which is placed at 10108  and likely take support around that level and some pull back also can not be ruled out.     Major support of 10000  break down these level over all selling and major down side will be start.
Nifty   :    Today support 10140 10100  + resistance 10200-10240 watch out.  Higher level to sell side.
Bank Nifty  :           Break down support 24500  selling pressure continue and remain below down side target 23900 23700 23600  in near term.  
OI Analysis  :
Short side  - Adani Entt, Adanti Ports, ICICI Bank, CanaraBank, SBI, RBL Bank, and Indian Bank. 
Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Market out look dated 7th March 2018

Market out look dated    7th March   2018 
Sell  - Sell  - Sell
Exit All  Mutual Funds Equity Scheme   - Hold SIP  (Money shift to liquid funds)
Nifty Will correct another 1000 points and above.
Bank Nifty will correct 2000 to 3000 points in near term.
As we are continue mentioned in this column that any rise or pull back rally to excellent selling opportunity in market and today market open with up side gap around 80 points  and unable to sustained and finally big sell off see resulted almost wipe out  more 110 points and closed below recent swing low 10276 which indicate another 300 points down are confirmed.     Over all trend turned bearish and we again advise to our all readers to exit long and fresh short position.  Further please also exit your all Mutual Fund Equity scheme whereas you are getting good profit at the current level also.  Market likely to be correct another 1000   points and above in Nifty and Bank Nifty  2000 to 3000 points likely.     Further please also noted that do not follow any view of TV Channels and Anchor who are on daily basis recommending to buy on decline  and till date no one are saying to exit and seating a cash with vested interest.
Nifty   :   Decisive break down recent support level 10276 looks more down side and lower level target 200 DMA which is placed at 10100, thereafter 10074-10033 once closed below these level down side get open another 400 points.   Resistance continue 10330-10400   10430.   
Bank Nifty  :        Finally break down 24800  and also closed below 200 DMA.     Over all trend is  bearish and more pain in coming days.  Time being consider resistance 24800-25200 range and lower level support visible around 23600  which is last leg of bull market support, thereafter it will test in few months 20000   +.

More details call
Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Market out look dated 6th March 2018

Market out look dated    6th March   2018 
 Market are continue in bearish trend once it was broken  10600  and made a low 10323.  Over all trend is bearish and any rise on intra day to sell side.     Avoid any long side and bottom fishing. Once break down  10276  real panic will be start in market.  
Nifty   :  Resistance 10400-10430  - as long as remain below down side 10300 10276, thereafter more down side. Intra day any rise to sell side.
Bank Nifty  :      Nifty finally break down support level  2500 and made a low 24682 which is a near to 200 DMA.   Short term support have been established and break down these level, down side open towards 24500 24200,  Resistance around 25000-25200.  Higher level to sell side.
Open Interest Analysis  :
Tata Motor  short side 56 lacs,  Reliance – Long exit 56 lacs,  Sail  - short side 59 lacs, ICICI Bank  - 53.70 lacs short side,  Axis Bank – Long exit 34.22 lacs,  and many more.

More details call
Monday, March 5, 2018

Market out look dated5th March 2018

 Market are continue in trading range but last two days heavy selling seen in USA Market and almost wipe out more  than 700 points wipe out which indicate major sell off in our market on Monday  and open with down side gap.  Over all trend is bearish and any rise to selling opportunity or exit long. Fresh long  should be avoid.  As we have seen a bigger rallied in Nifty from   low of 7893  (Dec. 2016) to high of 11172 (Jan 2018)   Over all gain of 3278 points in just 12 months if calculate on yearly basis almost gained more than 41 percent.  This rally did not see any correction and was one sided up, up and up.  On the other hand, after sharp rally we have seen correction started from Feb. 18.   As we are in a bull market we see correction of 38%. 50% or 61.8% in coming months.   Till Nifty not cross and sustained above 11200,  down side level will be negated.
Nifty  :     Over all  short term trend is bearish with consider major resistance in the month of March   10640-10750- 10880  Any rally of   these level will good opportunity to short side, on the lower level with consider support 10400 and 10300, break down these level, down side open towards 10000 mark thereafter swing low 9687  possible. 
Fibonacci Level  :          As the overall rally which was started from the level of 7893 to 11171. This is a gain of 3278 points .  If Nifty corrects as per Fibonacci level, following levels may be point out.
23.6%   -               10397
38.2%                    9918
50%                        9532
61.8%                    9145 (Mother of Fibonacci)

As per the Nifty Monthly charts, following supports are visible :  10000. 9000-7900-6400.

Time wise Correction  :     Over all Nifty rally lasted around 12.5 months. Taking Feb 18 as the start month, so correction of 38.2% means correction could go for 4.75 months towards end of June 2018,  If we go 50% of time correction means correction could for 6.25 months , towards middle of July 18. If we go 61.8% of time correction means correction would for 7.75 months towards correction up to  Sept  2018.

Bank Nifty   :          After made a high 27652 made a low 24781 which is almost 2900 points correction seen and looks more sell of in coming days can not be ruled.   Time being we may consider resistance 25500-25600 whereas to decent opportunity to sell side, down side break down 24800 on sustainable basis open towards  24683  which is a 200 DMA and break down , open towards 23600-23000 .    On the Monthly charts following levels are visible which is 20300 and 13200.
More details call
Thursday, March 1, 2018

Market out look dated 1st March 2018

Market out look dated  1st March  2018

Market open with some down side gap due to  weakness in global que and major jerk seen in USA market.   However, in our market is still in trading range  as and when these range hold, both side opportunity in market.  Best way to buy on support level with small stop loss and sell on rally or resistance level.   Today Auto Numbers in market and looks over all good.  In early trade market open with down side gap so do not play short side, wait first 30 minutes and buy and sell 30 minutes high and vice versa.
Nifty  :  Decent support 10400-10430   as long as hold up side short term may intlact,  major down side open once break these level on sustainable basis. 
Bank Nifty  :    Looking support at lower level, decent support at 24800-25000 weakness b reak down these level, up side resistance 25200  crossover some buying.