Thursday, May 31, 2018

Market out look dated 31st May 2018

Market out look dated 31st May  2018

As expiry week, volatile seen with positive bias. Yesterday open with gap down but finally strong recovery with short covering resulted almost covered all losses. As today being a expiry day of May series, so any dip to buy side and crossover yesterday high over all buying in the market.   Any sharp dip to buy side. 

Nifty   : 

Downside support 10550-10570 Upside Resistance 10660-10680
Major resistance 10717-10735  closely watch out…. Crossover non stop target 10930.

 Nifty Future 
Downside support 25900-26000,  Upside Resistance 26400-26550
Keep a stop loss 26000  andbuy for target 26400 26500  andabove.  


Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Market out look dated 30th March :

Market out look dated 30th March :

Trend is short term down....
Nifty Resistance - 10700-10735
Bank Nifty - Resistance 26250.............

After sharp rise in rally in last three trading sessions, it was expected that due to FO expiry week, market will take pause and profit booking resulted it was made a high 10719  whereas the big resistance nearly 10735 which is 61.8% of this corrective rally and finally it was closed nearly 10655.  Over all short term trend is down and profit booking continue in market.  As a next two days remain FO expiry so high volatile on card and take stock specify . 

Nifty  : 

Downside support 10570-10600 Upside Resistance 10700-10720  . As long as remain below 10700-10735, selling pressure towards 10600 10555-10500 can not be ruled out.
Highest call stood at 10700, followed by 10600 so this is resistance in next two trading sessions, whereas highest put hold 10500, so this is a support visible in ner term.   Trading range in next two days watch out 10500 to 10700.  Sell on rally and near the support area to buy side.

Major support 10500  - Closed above 10735  - up side open 10930. 

Bank  Nifty  : 

Downside support 25900-26000,  Upside Resistance 26400-26500.  Closely watch 25900-26000 level  break and ustained below towards 25500. Major selling and long unwinding seen in HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak, Indus Bank

Long Side   :  M&M, Tata Power, Bhel, LT
Short Side : Just Dial, Indigo, Bharat Forge, Coal India

Highest Call  ;  Strike Price 10700 and 10600

Highest Put  : 10500............

 Happy Trading
Call   9630466296  / 9301302732 
Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Market Out Look dated 29th May

Market Out Look dated 29th May
Short term trend is bullish, banknifty leading this bull rally don’t go for aggressive short side, more upside move we will see, global sentiments also positive, buy on decline strategy.. Over all trend is bullish but resistance likely at 10735 which is 61.8% retracement of previous rally. On the other side last 5 days smart move seen in market so some profit booking and buying likely to eased in near term. Time to book profit or hold trading stop loss.
Today up move only if crossover and stay above yesterday high in Index and Stocks and it should be break yesterday low under any circumstances, so up move continue..
Bank Nifty
Downside support 26250-26350, Upside Resistance 26700-26800. We are bullish above 25800 and our target 26700 have been achieved and now time to book profit in tomorrow morning in early trade and seat a die lines.
Heavy short covering seen in following stocks.
Bank of India 22 lacs
LT 10 lacs
ICICI Bank 46 lacs
Aurbindo Pharma 32 lacs
Bank of Baroda 65 lacs
HDFC 32 lacs
VEDL 63 lacs
Reliance 21.90 lacs
SBI - 1 crore above
Marutiy 7.65 lacs
Yes bank 83 lacs, PNB 1.35 crores
and many more....
Short Seen in following stocks
Tech Mahindra 7.65 lacs
M&M 10 lacs but near to support level............
Monday, May 28, 2018

Market out look dated 28th May 2018

Market out look dated 28th May 2018 
Market are turned bullish candle and looks that short term bottom have been established at 10419 and likely to test near to  10930 in coming days or next session .  As market was over sold and after slide of 500 points V shape rally resulted more than 200 ponts recovery in two session in Nifty and 600 points in Bank Nifty.  Short term trend have been change with consider decent support 10500  and holding these level first target are intact 10754 which is a 61.8 percent of retracement, once crossover these level more up side.  Over  major short covering and long seen specially in Pharma Auto, IT and Auto.  Highest Put established at 10500-10400 which is short term support and highest call 10800 which is short term resistance likely.
Following short covering seen in front line stocks :
Sun Pharma – 26 lacs, VEDL -  20 lacs, HDPC  9.50 lacs, Tata Motor 30 lacs, Ibulhousing – 9 lacs, Yes Bank 14.22 lacs, Idea 2.10 crore shares, SBI   56 lacs, Tata Steel 22 Lac, Aurpharma 6.13 lacs, M&M   10 lacs, Hindalco  14.50 lacs, Jet Airways 5.34 lacs, Reliance 12.50 lacs, Coal India 19.60 lacs, Bhart Tele 2.52 lacs

Results on 28th May   2018


Securities Ban for trade 28.5.2018


Call More details

Friday, May 25, 2018

Market out look dated 25th May

As being a weekly expiry of Bank Nifty and maret have been wipe out substantially from the high and entered in over sold region resulted sharp pull back in market due to short covering.  Over all looks that more up side in coming days.  As Nifty wipe out almost 500 points and Bank Nifty 1400 points from their highes.   So as long as holding Nifty 10400 and Bank Nifty 25600, short term trend is up and remain above avoid any short sell.  Number of stocks of Nifty already in over sold region like, Tata Steel, HDFC, HDFC Bank, VEDL, Sun Pharma and many more, so pull back can not be ruled out. 

Nifty  : 
 back and save 10400 mark and short term bottom established. As fall from 10930 to 10417 so pull back rally or retracement likely continue which may go   10714 level which 61.5 % retracement of this fall.    
Today support  10490-10450  and resistance 10560  once sustained above, short covering and fresh buying towards 10600 10630. 

Bank Nifty  : 
Almost wipe out 1400 points from the high 27000 to 25600  i.e.  1400 points so retracement rally likely which may go up to26465 in near term.
Today support – 25800 whereas to buy side, holdingabove 26000   up side open towards 26200 26500  towards expiry. 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Market out look dated 24nd May 2018

Market Trend
Short term trend is bearish, sell on rise strategy, in nifty front line counter facing huge selling pressure don’t go for long side, more downsdie fall we will see in upcoming session, now bnaknifty also participating this downside rally..Over all market are under pressure and all Indices are looking bearish in near term.   No bbuy and only sell on rallies.
Nifty  Spot
 Upside Resistance 10490-10500 as remain below donw sided open target 10330 which is 38.2 percent.
Nifty Future
Intra day only ksell  on rise.   Resistance 10460-10470 asa supply  zone.
Bank Nifty
Downside support 25400-25500,  Upside Resistance 25750-25850. Remain below 26000  weakness towards 25500 25200 25000.
Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Market out look dated 23nd May 2018

Market Trend
Over All trend is bearish but short term entered in over sold and some pull back or consolidation likely in next  few sessions.  After a good result announced by SBI, over all positive bias seen in market due to oversold region.  So at the current level fresh short should be avoid and stock specify moement likely continue in either side.  Concentratealso Index with positive bias.  
Nifty  Spot
Downside support  10490 14080 and below some weakness 10450, resistance 10560, crossover and stay above sharp move towards 10600 10630.
Nifty Future
Buy on decline around 10520 10525  stop loss 10490 target 10560-10610 10650
Bank Nifty
B uy on decline around 25750 + stop loss 25600 target 25900 26000
Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Market out look dated 22nd May 2018

Market are continue in bearish mode once it was broken support level 10700 and finally it was made a low 10500  and closed below 10560 mark.    Strong bear grip and as long as remain below 10560, down side towards 10450 10440 10400 mark easily.

Bank Nift
Break down support level 26000  and remain below down side target 25500 25200 25000 likely in coming days.   Heavy short sell added in front linestocks.   However some short covering seen in govt. PSU bank stocks.

Sell Side..............

Monday, May 21, 2018

Market out look dated 21nd May 2018

Market Trend
Sell on rise strategy,short term trend is bearish don’t go for aggressive buy side, banknifty leading this downside rally, keep close watch, further weakness we will see in upcoming sessions . Market likely to be test retracement level of previous rally which is 61.8 percent of 10556 and 50 % of  10440 of preiouvs rally (9951 to 10930)
Friday, May 18, 2018

Market out look dated 18nd May 2018

Nifty Is finally break down support level in short term and trend now bearish and likely to more selling pressure in coming days. As time being market have been top out at 10930 and likely test some retracement level 10556 which is 61.8% from 10930 to 9951. Nearly 10550 and 10600 are a good support of this decline. Presently HDFC looking bearish and more selling pressure, whereas PSU Bank looking weak and some more selling in Metal and Pvt. Sector bank. However, Pharma segemtn readyfor pull back.
Today resistance 10700-10730 oncecrossover some strength, down side break 10660 more down sided towards 10600-10580-10556 likely. At lower level major support 10500 + and do not think to any short sell.
Trend is bearish once it was breakdown 26500 level. Any rise to intra day to sell on rise at 26280-26300 stop loss 26500 target 26000 25800 and belo
Thursday, May 17, 2018

Market out look dated 17nd May 2018

Market out look dated 17th May
Election fever and formation of govt resulted big sell off seen in the market and finally closed with a red note. Overall looks that market have been formed top and heavy selling and unwinding long seen in FO segment.....
Nifty support 10700 and 10650 and resistance at higher level continue towards 10800 range.
Bank Nifty
bearish view and as long as below 26500 down ward bias continue..
PNB - short added 90 lacs
BOB..............SHORT added 48 lacs shares
fresh short added and long unwinding seen.
9630466296 / 9301302732 
Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Market out look dated 16nd May 2018

Market Trend Ovrall trend is bullish , but on higher levels be coutiuos due to high volatility, fresh upmoe above 10900+, some correction also expected after big event…
Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Market out look dated 15nd May 2018

Market Trend
Market are continue in positive bias, however, before final result of Karnatake, some profit booking seen in market, however, trend is up.   Almost any result of Karnataka have been disclounted and ultimately market will trend according to earnings of the companies. Concentrate Private Sector banks and result coming stocks and trade accordingly.
Nifty  Spot
Consider support nearly 10750-10700 and resistance 10850, crossover sharp move towards 10950-11000.  Over all above more up side and fresh break out. Any dip to buy side.
Nifty Future
Intra day consider support 10750 10740 and resistance 10850, sustained above more up side.
Bank Nifty
Strong bullish view with consider support 26000  as long as hold up side open new high 27652 and above.   Major support 25800 watch out on decline.  
Monday, May 14, 2018


Weekly Basis: - This counter continue showing up move from few days due to positive chart breakout as well as some positive global news. Still according to this news we will see more up move in future till next $80 soon. Positional traders can wait for our major support level of 4640 around here they will find buying opportunity for positional. This week it can take resistance from 4950. Sanction against Iran by USA, continue positive side for Crude. 

MCX LEAD (MAY) @ 158.60

Weekly Basis: - This counter from long time moving in range between 150 to 160. Right now it’s not give any chart breakout for confirm trend in future, so still we are expecting more range or sideways movement in future. This week watch level of 161.30, if it cross sustain and give closing above this level you can think for future up trend and below 155.90, it can take support and in case give closing below this level it will indicate for future downside. So watch our major resistance level of 161.30 & support of 155.90.

MCX ZINC (MAY) @ 208.20

Weekly Basis: - This counter last week shown some range bound movement. And we are not found any confirm breakout for future trend. So better to trade intraday and avoid positional trade in this counter. This week watch level of 211.10, if it sustain above this level or give closing above this level then you can think for next bullish trend and below 205.30, it will take support and if give closing below this level you think for future weakness. so watch our major resistance level of 211.10 & strong support of 205.30.


Weekly Basis: - This counter at last trading session shown some weakness at mid of the week but after made low 449, it was immediate turn to positive mood and closed with some gain as well as near to high at Friday. As we mentioned in chart that it’s made double bottom in range of 425-423 and this chart breakout will active above 472 on closing basis for target 510-520 very soon. This week watch our major resistance levels 474.60 once close above this level its look bullish in future and below 455.40 on closing basis its look weak.  Big break outg likely. 

MCX SILVER (JUL) @ 40541


Weekly Basis: - This counter at last week shown some up move but as we mentioned before that silver moved in range, its moving between 38000 to 41000 and still we don’t have any major breakout so we can decide next confirm trend. If this up move really have any strength than it have to cross and give closing above 41200. Once close above this level we are expecting next future up move in this counter. Once you can take small risk and keep short here with some small but strict stop loss of 70-80 point and hold for downside target till 39890 and 39890 will give opportunity to buy here for positional. Remember does not hold short position in case its give closing above 41200 on any cost. Big move likely.

MCX GOLD (JUN) @ 31518

   MCX GOLD (JUN) @ 31518

Weekly Basis: - This counter from last few weeks continues shown up move, Due to deprecation of Rupee. Whatever Comex Gold going down but here in Mcx we seen every week new high and right now Mcx Gold moving above 52 weeks high & still more up move look continue due to Rupee pulling up as well as Comex trying to go up, so in future we are expecting more upward we will see. This week watch our major resistance level of 31790, once close above this level you will see next up move above 32000+. Down side strong support look at 31250 & its opportunity to positional buy at this level. Once close below 31250 we are expecting down trend. So keep buy on every deep. Over all trend is bullish .

Market out look dated 14nd May 2018

Market are finally break out in upper level and successfullyclosed above 10800 mark alongwith Bank Nifty looking very strong and trading above 26000 more promising in coming days.  Bullish Candle on daily and weekly chart further up move in market.  On the positive side, BJP likely emerged biggest party in Karnataka and they will form a govt with the help of other party.  Any intra day dip to buy side and no short sell idea.  Any short sell should be professional traders with strict stop loss.
Nifty  :
Holding above 10700  up side open towards 11000

Bank Nifty.............
Holding above 26000
up side open a new high..............
Friday, May 11, 2018

Market out look dated 11nd May 2018

Market Trend Overall trend is bullish but before Karnataka election result outcome, some profit booking also expected, be cautious on higher levels.
Thursday, May 10, 2018

Market out look dated 10nd May 2018

Market Trend Strong bullish note and market ready for fresh break out above 10800 whih is likely to move new high.  Do not short open position.  Bank Nifty looking very strong and likely test 26500 and above.   Any dip to buy side. 
Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Market out look dated 9nd May 2018

Market Trend
Market are in trading mode before Karnataka result time to market watch, hoever, we think there is no big impact in market.  However, any positive for BJP will lift new high.  Over all looks positive side and market ready for again up side break out which will move towards 11000  mark.
Nifty  Spot
Downside support 10660-10680 Upside Resistance 10750-10780 crossover will move faster towards 10980  11000 mark.

Intra Day Scaneario :     Trend bullish,  support 10600-10610
Weekly Scaneario :    Best : 10900  Worst case : 10467
3month Scaneario :  Best Case –11200 Worst case 9145
Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Market out look dated 8nd May 2018

Market Trend Market are continue in positive mode, after taking a support 10600 mark up ward journey again started due to positive in global ques.  Over all trend is bullish and any sharp dip to buy side.  On the positive front, Bank Nifty given fresh breakout  and likely  it will outperoform in coming days along with support of Nifty.  

Monday, May 7, 2018

Market out look dated 7nd May 2018

.Market Trend Market are continue in positive bias, however, after made a high 10784 profit booking continue due to bad results of some IT companies. Over all trend is bullish and Karnataka Results will play a good direction of market and we are remain positive side.  Any sharp dip to buy and and sell on strength is a beststrategy.   Before Karnataka Election – High volatile market likely. 
Nilesh shah- MD - Kotak AMC  on the Indian economy:

I will take liberty to point out certain factors. a) The movie Baaghi 2 had a bigger opening collection than Bahubali 2 which was a far grander movie. It shows that urban consumption is growing at a reasonable pace. Sonali Contractor sold 100,000 tractors last year. Mahindra & Mahindra, Escorts are also showing all-time high levels of tractor sales. Clearly, that shows that rural economy is doing well.

Maruti Baleno has a four months’ waiting period. If consumers do not have money, then how come they are waiting for four months to get the car? Tata Motors’ commercial vehicle production is at an all-time high record level. Generally commercial vehicles are pulse of the market, pulse of the economy. If commercial vehicle sales are happening, certainly economy is rebounding.

Cement volume are showing double digit growth. The cement numbers for this quarter has come ahead of expectation. If we see a variety of other FMCG companies like Dabur, Lever and ITC, their commentary is also positive in terms of rural FMCG growth.

Put all these numbers together and you realise that the economy seems to have now rebounded, the momentum is picking up, it is reflected in last four months of IIP numbers which was above 7%. It is reflected in GST collections which have crossed Rs 1 lakh crore for the first time.
Friday, May 4, 2018

Market out look dated 4nd May 2018

Market Trend
Market are continue in choppy but  large cap showing strength and any dip to buying opportunity but higher level be cautious .   As  Nifty already moved substantially so time to book profit and try to low position in market.
Nifty  Spot
Downside support 10630-10650 Upside Resistance 10720-10750.   Stop loss long position  10600.
Intra Day Scaneario :     Trend bullish,  10650………
Weekly Scaneario :    Best : 10900  Worst case : 10550
3month Scaneario :  Best Case –11200 Worst case 9145.
Nifty Future
Support nearly  10650-10660 and intra day decline to buy side with stop loss 10600 for target 10700 10750. In short term.  Closed Below 10600 first sign of weakness in market.

Long Side –    Axis Bank, HDFC, Indus Bank, Divis Lab, VEDL, ICICI Bank
Short Covering :   Sun Pharma, PC Jewellers, Tata Eleci.
Short side :   Just Dial, Siemens, Jet Airways, HCl Tech, IGL, Voltas.
Long Exit  :   Tech Mahindra.

Bank Nifty
Downside support 25500 Upside Resistance 25800-25850 + Stop loss for long position 25300  on closing basis.
Intra Day Scaneario :     Trend bullish, support   25000
Weekly Scaneario :    Best : 26000 – Worst case :  24800
3month Scaneario :  Best Case – 27500  Worst case 24500 

Trading calls  :    Buy on decline at  25500-25510   + stop loss 25350  target 25600 25650 25700     
Thursday, May 3, 2018

Market out look dated 3nd May 2018

Market Trend
Market arer continue in up side but yesterday after made a high sharp sell off seen due to profit booking and major long added in system and finally closed near to  107220 mark.   However, trend is bullish and any dip to buy side.
Nifty  Spot
Downside support 10650-10670 Upside Resistance 10770-10800 

Intra Day Scaneario :     Trend bullish,  10650………
Weekly Scaneario :    Best : 10900  Worst case : 10550
3month Scaneario :  Best Case –11200 Worst case 9145.
Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Nifty + Bank Nifty + Stock Option Call

This scheme is design those traders who are not trading in Future market due to big lot size and high volatile, but want to trade in option market with low investment amount  along with small risk and return is very high on daily basis.   In some cases where is high volatility Profit is 100 to 500 percent possible on intra day basis in  Bank Nifty Options.
Salient features of scheme :
  1. Swing and Scalping strategy available on intraday basis whereas quick entry and exit in number of times during market hrs.
  2. Call will be given over WhatsApp messenger
  3. Call Frequency: Numbers of call in Bank Nifty and Nifty depend upon the market conditions and volatility.
  4. Small investors can make big money in short term with proper stop loss.
5.   Investment Amount Required :   Rs. 25000 and upper side no limited.
6.   Expected Return  :  Traders of one lot – Profit Rs. 20000 to 40000 per minths
Example :
  1. On  15th March  we have given a call  25000  put buy at 100  stop loss 50 target 200 240   300. Within 10 minutes move up to 240  but book profit at 200 and gained Rs. 4000/-
  2. Bank Nifty:  Sell 24900 call around 80 stop loss 120 target 10 paisa, end of the day covered at   10 paisa. Total gained  Rs. 4800/-
  3. Buy Nifty Put    10400 at 90 stop loss 85 target 110   120.  Booked at 110 gained of 20 points i.e.   Rs. 1500/-
  4. Buy Nifty Put   10400 at 100 stop loss 60 hold till expiry for target 300 400.  In this call risk is only   40 points whereas profit around 300 points and risk reward ratio is 1:9.
Subscription Charges:

Half Yearly

For subscription just click  : ……..

Market out look dated 2nd May 2018

Market out look dated 2nd May   2018

Trend is strong bullish and holding above 10600
up move continue towards  10900-11000  and 11200.

Bank Nifty...........
above 25250    up side open towards   25750 26000  and above.

Excellent Auto Numbers......
Maruti Ltd
Tata Motor
Eicher Motor

Very hot and buy side at opening bell. 
Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Winning Calls

Winning Calls

As are a SEBI registered advisory company and working in stock – commodity market for the last last 25 years.   This scheme is manly design for those traders who are not interested to trade on frequently on daily basis but want to trade in one or two times in a day (intraday) with highest accuracy.  In this call will be derived in extensive research and swing based trading strategy whereas the entry and exit is quick.

Salient feature of Scheme:

  1. This scheme is applicable purely on intraday basis in FO and Cash Market Segment.
  2. Call will be given over Whitecap messenger
  3. Call Frequency  -  1 or 2 call per day.
  4. In case if there is no profit generated, next call will be provided absolutely free.
  5. Clients can buy/sell in as per has choice in terms of qty.
  6. Expected profit of each call   5000 and above. 
  7. Call will be given only front lines tocks whereas jobbing is very low and having volume.

  1. Sell  Nifty  Future   4 lots at 10450  stop loss 10465 target 10400 –
  2. Buy  ICICI Bank  around 300 + stop loss 299 target 303   305
  3. Sell - SBI at 259 stop loss 260.10 target 256 255.
  4. Sell PNB on rise at 103 stop loss 103.60 target 101   100.
Subscription Charges:

One call    
Five calls
Ten Calls

Note: All Subscription Charges are payable in advance in the name of " 3M Team Research "
    For subscription just click  : ……..