Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Metal stocks very hot and big spurt likely due to short covering...

Tata Steel.............Buy with stop

VEDL...............Buy with stop

Hindalco.............Buy with stop

JSW Steel.................Buy with stop

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Market out look for 26th April 2017

Market once again closed with all time high and over all trend is very very bullish and any dip to buy side.   Better to concentrate stock specify rather than index.     IT  and Pharma sector to avoid. However, Banking, Housing Finance, Metal looks good and more up side.

Nifty :  Up move continue  and finally closed above 9274 level  i.e. 9306.   Strong bullish and heading towards 9500-9600 in coming days

Bank Nifty  : Above 21800 fresh break out which will go towards 22113  22200 22340 22500 in coming days.

Short Sell is a danger for financial health.

Metal Stocks like, Tata Steel, VEDL, Hindalco, JSW Steel,   - Big spurt on the card due to short covering.

 Have a Happy trading.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Market out look for 25th April 2017

Market looks strong up move and over all buying in the market and any decline to buy side.    However, Banking, Housing Finance and Reality sector looks very attractive and buying continue on any dip.
Nifty……………Above 9225  over all buying towards 9275  thereafter big move can not be ruled out.  Trend is bullish as long as hold 9100.
Bank Nifty……………..Consider support 21500-21400  holding above 21800   non stop target 22000 and 22400 22500 in coming days.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

How our option call minting money just see....

buying straddle call in Nifty
Buy 9200 call at 90
Buy 9000 Put at 60
total Cost of purchasing 150
Today closed 180
Total Gained Rs. 30
If Trade 10 lots
profit Rs. 22000 and above.
GMR Call
20 strike price buy at 5 paisa
sold at 25 paisa
lot side 45000
Profit Rs. 9000
GMR call
Buy 17.50 at 20 paisa
closed 1.25
unbooked profit
we hope this without your beyond imagination
Invest only 10000
earned 45000
in two trading sessions.

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Market out look dated 24th April

Market are continue in choppy for in trading range 9090 to 9250 range.  However, trend is very strong but geopolitical risk are inherent and any bad news market will  react sharply.  However, time being up side is very limited 9250-9300.
Nifty  : Support 9050 9000  as long as these level hold over good and no problem, higher level resistance continue in the market towards 9300.
Bank Nifty : Decent support 21300-21400 and resistance 21800.    
Some stock to be watch out.
HDFC BANK, HDFC,  Tata Motor, SBI HDIL, IBREAL  and many more

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Market out look 21st April 2017

Market are continue choppy for buying momentum continue in the market and dip to looks buying forces come into the market and stock specify  moment continue.   Over all trend is bullish but in trading range and break out this range will move one side.  
Nifty :   Consider support 9100 and resistance 9300  crossover over all buying in the market. 
Bank Nifty : Consider support 21400-21500 range and resistance 21800.
Tyre stocks looks good and buy side.    Banking stocks, sharp dip to buy side. 

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Market out look dated 20th April 2017

Market are continue in choppy and volatile and trading is too difficult in Index Stock, so time being to avoid any trade till the picture will not clear.   Stock specify movement continue in the market.

Nifty……….Consider support 9020-9000, any sharp down side it will arrest likely, resistance at higher higher 9150-9200. Watch out.

Bank Nifty  :  Trading range continue  21500 to 21800, however, higher level some cautious approach in the market continue.

Stock to watch out on trading :

ACC, India Cement,  Reliance Infra, HDFC, DLF, HDIL, Axis Bank

Selling Side, Banking stocks of PSU Banks.

 Have a good day.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


NIFTY    9000-9020

BANK NIFTY....................FUTURE



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Commodity up dated..............


Crude..............once break......3400..........problem likely

Copper............Break down major support level...
another 10 per cent down side on the card....

Nickel..................break down support level in long term 
now 10 per cent more down side...........

Natural Gas....................time for consolidation...
till not cross time to sell side on any rise...................

Aluminium.............Near to long support and long average.........break down these level..... non stop target 115

Zinc..............already broken support level of previous rally with volume and added open interest.........10 to 15 points down ward bias likely.

Lead............big sell with volume................
now play for 130
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Market are very volatile, after openwith a good note  and strong bullishness in  front line stocks i.e. out of 51, almost 43 are positive side, but due to geographical news market reacted sharply and almost all gains loss and closed with a negative bias but managed to hold above 9100 mark time being.   Now, we may consider short term resistance 9250-9300  only above think to buy side otherwise avoid trading in Index and concentrate stock specify.  On the lower side support which is weak likely 9100,  trading below some more weakness which is likely towards 9000 mark.
Bank Nifty also looking some selling pressure at higher level, after made a high of nearly 22000.  Now Bank Nifty still looks bullish as and when hold 21400-21450 mark.       
CNX IT   - are continue bearish and finally yesterday it was closed below 10000 mark and near to long term support 9900, once break these level, over all selling in IT stocks. Likely continue towards 9500 9300.
PSU Bank Stocks.   Still holding some range 3500 to 3600, break out these range will move one side.  
Metal stocks looks bearish and more selling likely in Tata Steel, Hindalco, and VEDL.
Have Happy Trading. 
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Market out look dated 18th April 2017

Market are continue choppy for higher level continue selling pressure but stock specified continue in the market.   Trading range continue and waiting for break out in upper level.
Nifty   Support 9120  and resistance 9165, crossover it will move towards 9200.
Bank Nifty  : continue holding support level 21400-21500 level, till then upper side intact 22000  and above.
Reality stocks to buy side,  DLF, HDIL, and IBREAL
Time to Sell stocks. DCB,  REC and PFC

Have a good day. 
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Monday, April 17, 2017

Commodity Market Out Look …………..

Gold… ………Trend is very bullish and any decline to buy side.

Silver…………Strong up move above 42000  and up move continue in the market.

Crude Oil…………Very hot hold with stop loss……………..

Copper…………Selling pressure continue in this commodity.  Near to support level.

Natural Gas………….Time for consolidation and wait.

Aluminium……………….Near to multiple support level.

Zinc……………Weakness continue and our target 165 fist achieved.

Lead………….selling continue.

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Market out look for 17th April 2017

Market are continue in choppy side but trend is bullish and also in trading range.  However, geopolitical problem continue in the market and that will help to profit booking in short term.  However, all deata suggested that over all buying and any decline opportunity a lot of buyers come to the market and supporting.

Nifty.    Consider support 9100 and resistance 9300  break this range will some movement.

Bank Nifty : after sharp up move 21800, short term profit booking were saw in the market, however, any decline to buy side.

 Have a Good Day.

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Market out look for 13th April 2017

Market are continue in choppy mood resulted sharp down and sharp up side indicate high degree of volatility in the market. Over all trend is bullish, however, some geographical factor will be a trend decider of the market in coming days.  However, Indian market over all looks good and any  sharp decline to good opportunity to long side.
Nifty  :  Trend is bullish and short term trading range 9100 to 9300 range, lower level to buy side, higher level to sell side. Once crossover these range, nearly 200  to 400 points move in either side.   We may consider short term and major support 9133, close below only first sign of weakness otherwise remain long side.
Bank Nifty……Looking strong positive side with consider support 21400 21500 range, upper side resistance 22000,crossover towards 22500.   Decent support 21350  watch out.
Some stock to be watch out.
Long Side -  Yes Bank, Suzlon
Exit Long = Aditya Birla
Covering -  Cairin HPC, IBREAL
Short side – Tata Steel, Reliance Capital, Hindalco.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Our Call dated 12th APRIL 2017

Equity  :
Nifty Spot  :     Hold 9150  time to buy for sharp move
Nifty future :  Buy around 9200 target 9240 9250    - 50 points gained
Bank Nifty Future : Above 21500  21550  buy for target 21700 21800 on intra day – gained 150 points
Buy Bank Nifty Option  : 21500 call at 150 160 target 250 -300   High 281 
Buy Bank Nifty Option : 21600 at 70-80 stop loss 40 target 150   200  - High 193
Buy Nifty Option  9200 at 75  + target 110 125     - High 113
Yesterday long call  - ICICI Bank 280  call at 6 target 10   15   - high 12
Tisco   - Sell call below 490 target 480  below more down side
Buy tisco 480 put at 10 target 15    20    hold stop loss 9
Buy ICICI Bank at 279 target 285   - Profit    6 points i.,e. 15000/-
Buy PNB 153 target 156 158   - Profit Rs. 21000,

Commodity Call  0 Yesterday
Gold   :   Above 28650  strong up move towards  29250 29500
Silver : above 41500   buy open  at your choice for target 42000 42500 43000
Aluminium……Below 126  remain sell side
Crude….  Holding above 3300 target 3500
Copper…… Stop Loss triggered with a loss of Rs. 3000
Nickel   - Below 650 sell
Zinc…….selling call below 185 target 170 and below
Lead .. Hot Sell below 151
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Cell No 9630466296 -9203901698

Market out look for 12th april 2017

Market are continue bullish and holding continue 9133 mark and any decline to buy side.     Metal stocks are ready to fire.  PSU Bank stocks looks good and coming days big move can not be ruled out.     

Nifty........Decent support 9200 and crossover 9300 more up side.  any decline to buy side.

Bank Nifty............Very hot....
Above 21500 up side target 22000  and above

Buy PSU Banks
on intra day decline. 

IN MCX...........ABOVE 28750 TARGET 29250
SILVER...............Hold 18 $ very hot for target......
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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Our Call dated 11th April

 Nifty Future  :    Buy above 9220  target 9270  9300  
Bank Nifty future  : Buy above 21500 target 21750 21800 22000  in coming days
Buy PNB Above 151 target 155 160
Buy SBI Above 290 target 295 298
Buy Union Bank above 152 target 160
Buy HDFC at opening bell 1470 target 1490 1500
Sell Reliance at 1405 stop loss 1415 target 1380
Buy Can Bank above 308 target 2315
Option Market….
Buy 9200 call  at 80 target 120
Buy 21500 call  and holding continue
Buy 22000  call of 13th april at 3 
Hero or Zero      or 100   points.  

Cell No 9630466296 -9203901698

Market out look dated 11th April 2017

Market are choppy but higher level profit booking continue in the market.  Stock specify continue in the market and higher level be cautious.

Nifty..Resistance 9280-9310 watch out, crossover successfully only up move, otherwise again selling pressure in the market.

Bank Nifty............Yesterday decent gain from the lower level. Time being we may consider support 21400  break these level over all selling in the market. 

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Commodity Market out Look for 10th April 2017

Over all trend is bullish but market on correction state and  Strength of ruppe a big problem in Gold and Silver inspite of that showing strength in Comex.

Gold  :    After sharp rise, time to profit booking.  Consider resistance 29000-29250 range.
Silver……..Below 42000  ready for big correction and sell on risestrategy.
Crude………..Trend is bullish and holding with stop loss 3300
N Gas.  Consider support 200-205 range as long as hold these level up move continue in the market.
Aluminum……….Holding 122-1233  bullish view intact.
Copper………… Decent support 370…..      break and trade below more down side.
Nickel……………Near to strong support, break and closed below target below 600.
Lead……………..We are bearish below 152 and almost gained 9 points.
Zinc……………Clear selling visible in this counter below 182…

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Equity Market out Look for 10th April 2017

After sharp move in the last number of sessions, on Friday looks some pause time being and time for correction and profit booking in the market which is a very very sigh of the market for fresh up move and towards 10000 of Nifty.  Pharma and IT stocks to avoid time being and more down side in coming days.
Nifty  : Consider time being resistance and major supply zone established around 9275-9300 range and support 9150-9160 whereas if break with volume more down side likely 9133-9100 range.
Bank Nifty  : Also looking profit after made a high in future 21730 and finally closed at 21440.   Now we may consider strong resistance in near term 21550  and major resistance 21805, once crossover it will show real power towards 22000 and above.   On the flip side first support watch out 21336 thereafter towards 21168-21000 likely.
CNX IT   :  Weakness likely continue and coming months results on the card and its not looks any promising.   Now consider support 10400  below towards 10000 and 9900 mark.
PSU Bank Index  :  After sharp up side and made a new high 3600, now time for correction in PSU Bank stocks like,  SBI, PNB, Bank of Baroda, OBC and Union Bank but any good correction to accumulate at lower level for big return
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Friday, April 7, 2017

Market out look for 7th April

Trend is bullish
with consider support 9200-9218
and resistance 9300  crossover
more up side.

Bank Nifty........very hot as long as
hold 21400-21300 mark....  up side intact.

Buy Banking stocks
SBI, PNB, Bank of Baroda
ICICI Bank and many more stocks on decline.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Market out look for 6th April

Market are continue up side and finally closed near to 9300 level. We are bullish above 9100 and almost gained more than 200 points in short term.  Now time for consolidation  and book profit long side.  Today RBI Credit Policy, so high volatile in market. 9220, above 9280 up side target 9300 9348 likely.

Bank Nifty............Above 21500  very hot and target 21800 22000. 

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Market out look for 5th April 2017

Market are continue up side and closed again All Time High of Nifty, Bank Nifty and other major stocks.  Over all trend is extremely bullish and any decline to buying opportunity. 
Nifty……….Closed above 9200 and 9220 so short term target 9300 and 9500 in coming days. We may consider support 9100-9133. As long as hold no problem of bulls.
Bank Nifty…………..Continue trading above 21000 mark so any decline to buy side, short term support 21300, upper side target 22000  and above.
Stock to watch out ……
ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank,  SBI, PNB, Union Bank, Syndicate Bank, Oriental Bank
Wockhard Pharma, Divis Lab (Contra Call) Tata Steel, Hindalco and VEDL

Have a good day. 

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Enjoy our positional call

Enjoy our positional call
LT - Buy call at 1550 target 1640
Reliance - Long call above 1275 target 1350 1375
LT - Call Buy 1600 at 25 target 60 achieved
HDFC Long call at 1480 target 1540 1550 achieved.
Nifty Future Long call at 9150 target 9250
still holding.
Reliance Option Call
1300 and 1350
almost double in three sessions.

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