Friday, June 22, 2018

Commodity Market up dated 22nd June 2018

Commodity Market up dated 22nd June 2018

Lower level some support seen with consider 30500 and resistance around 30800 watch out.

As we are selling mode below 40500 and almost 1300 points gained. Now time to book full profit
and avoid any  further trading. 

Crude :
As we have predicted our target 4500 have been achieved on yesterday and made a high 4504
now on rise resistance 4575-4600  and reversal to sell side.

Copper : 
Near to support zone, time to avoid any trade 

Nickel :
Lower level some support seen and watch out support 990-980 range
as remain above no problem for bulls.

Natural Gas 
Higher level resistance 207-210 range and likely unable to cross
these levels in near term.

Aluminium : 
Higher level to sell side..... remain below  151    no buy side.

Almost 20 points down from the last week high
near to support level and avoid any trade.

Near to decent support level
which is placed at 160  watch out.

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Market out look dated 22nd June June 2018

Market out look dated  22nd  June   June   2018
Market Trend :
  Market are continue in trading range for the last 10 trading sessions and waiting for either side break out.
Book Profit in Pharma Stocks and wait for decline then re-enter agan.
Over all market are consolidation range and at lower level holding support and higher level supply continue in market.  On Thursday market open with good note but unable to hold of early gains and 10800 level and finally due to profit booking and long unwinding specially in Pharma and banking stocks closed with a red and loss of 31 points. As long as holding 10690-10700 we can say bullish view continue and as per Nifty 15 minutes chart higher level resistance continue which is placed at 10808 and 10828, short term up trend will be start above that level.  On the banking front Nifty unable to hold yesterday gain and due to profit booking it has closed below 26500 mark, however still holding above support level and any buying in front line stocks like HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank will spurt, on the PSU bank over all selling in market.   As strategy is that buy on weaknes and sell on strength to follow on Friday trading and and likely some support in heavy weight can not be ruled out.
As in June month heavy buying seen in Pharma stocks but on Thursday heavy profit booking seen across all the forms stocks likely Lupin, Aurbindo, Cipla, Sun Pharma, Dr Readdy Lab, Biocin, Cadila, Ajanta Pharma, Star Phama resulted decreased in open interest and decrease in price and simaultaneously Pharma Index almost closed near to day low which is 9199 and high was 9346.
Nifty Spot :
Nifty are finally in trading range and yesterday it was closed at 10740.  Now we may consider resistance  at 10760 crossover it will move towards 10795 and 10808, down side support 10726 and remain below towards 10710-10700 and remain below over all selling seen in screen.

Stop loss for long 10694 and as remain above up side open towards 10970 and 11205. Likely

Bank Nifty Future :
   As trading range continue and likely more consolidation in few trading sessions. We may consider resistance 26520 to 26550 whereas major supply zone and down side support nearly 26400 and major support 26200.  As long as holding 26200 there is no major weakness on chart.
Consider stop loss for long 25895, as hold upper side open towards 26679, 27590-28225  in coming days.
  Highest Put at  10700 and 10600.
Highest call seen at 11000 and 10800.
Call Writing seen at 10800 and 11000
Put writing seen at 10750 and 10800

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Market out look dated 21st June June 2018

Market out look dated  21st  June   June   2018
Market Trend :
 Bulls finally come back from lower level and Nifty Hold 50 DMA
 On Wednesday market open with some down side gap but lower level strong buying forces emerged across the market which is lead by Reliance Industries and finally it was able to closed above 10750 with a gain of 62 points.  The same story in banking sector which is lead by HDFC Bank , Kotak Bank and ICICI Bank andalmost closed with a decent gain of 300 points.  Inspite of that over all mix trend  see in global market. However, some recovery and stability seen due to out of fever of War trade between China and USA smart recovery .  On the other side, BSE Index also closed with a gain of 261 points. Gains seen in Metal, Auto, Bank, and Financal Stocks  Now at this juncture 50 DMA are decent support have been established and higher level resistance of previous high 10930, once successfully crossover another leg of up side can not be ruled out
Nifty Spot :
  As expected Nifty defend 10694 and 50 DMA and finally it was made a high 10781 and finallyclosed with a decent gained of 62 points. So what next. Further we may consider support 10750 and 10700 range and upper side resistance visible at 10830-10850 which is also a major supply zone and it is not easy task for bulls to permit bears.  So just close eye today this level.
Stop loss for long 10694 and as remain above up side open towards 10970 and 11205. Likely.
Bank Nifty Future :
  As mentioned yesterday Bank Nifty smartly hold 26200  and decent bounce back seen resulted it was able to closed above 26500 mark which is positive sign and clear indicate that it is not easy task to bull will loose their control .  Consider holding above 26500 up side again open towards 26750 and above and major break through once it will move above 27000 thereafter 27750.  On the down side decent support on intra day basis today visible at 26500 and 26381.  Any sharp decline to buy side.
Consider stop loss for long 25895, as hold upper side open towards 26679, 27590-28225  in coming days.
 Long Side:   Titan, Reliance, Tata Elexi, NIIT Tech.
Short side :      Indigo, SRF, LT< Bank of Baroda, UPL, HCL Tech and LT
Short Covering  :    Auropharma, Tata Steel, Sun Pharma, HDFC and HDFC Bank
Long Unwinding   :   Jet Airwas
Big short covering in front line stocks like – Aurpharma 395 contracts, Tata Steel 720 contract, Sun Pharma 984 contract, ICICI Bank  1131 contract, Maruti 1183 contract, HDFC Bank 1851 contract, Yes Bank 2224 contracat , Kotak Bank 1574 contract, SBI 362 contract – Which clearly observed that bears do not want to more short sell this counter and chances of down side is very limited.  
 Highest Put at  10700 and 10600.
Highest call writing seen at 11000 and 10800.
Put writing seen at 10700 and 10800 strike price
Highest Delivery seen in Aditya  Birla Capital of 84 lacs out of 95 lacs in volume.
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Commodity up dated...............21st June 2018

Commodity up dated...............21st June 2018

weakness continue as long as remain below 31100... down side pen towards.................

We are holding short position at the level of 41200 more down side in coming days....

Last weekwe are long above 4400 and our target 4500 have been achieved now resistance nearly 4575-4600 watch out.............

As after sharp rise we are in selling mode with stop loss 502 and our target 450 which is near to closing level.....

After made a high 1058 heavy selling pressure seen....
remain 1050 weakness continue.

Natural Gas......
Almost made a high 207.50 and selling pressure
weakness once break down 196 .........

Last week mde a high 158 selling pressure seen and almost made a low 148 avoid trding...

After made a high 219 heavy selling seen and made a low 205 more down side..............

Time being support 160 as long as hold
remain bullish

More details
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