Thursday, December 29, 2016


Gold   Dec        Resistance 27500, support 27000
Silver December)         Resistance 39500 crossover further move, support 38500
Crude Oil          Holding 3600   over all good
Natural Gas      Above 255   more up side
Aluminum,       Above 118  looks good  
Copper Above 375   short looks good towards 385
Nickel   Resistance 720-725
Lead     Aove 140    hold short term good l
Zinc.     Resistance 15   177

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  1. This is good for all traders and reliable for new investors. In time gold market has very fluctuated compare to silver. It fully depends on the economic condition of the market and its movements.

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  2. • Under enigmatic Patel, Indians failing to read central bank policy
    • Confident of growth, RBI chief has watchful eye on inflation
    • Foreign investors can now buy more HDFC Bank equity

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