Monday, November 25, 2013


Gold (Dec)(S)29500 (R) 30350.sell and sell in every rise tgt 29000 sl 30500.

Silver (Dec ) (S) 43000 (R) 45850.sell on rise.

Copper(Nov) (R) 450 (S) 435.sell on rise.

Crude(dec) (S) is 5900 (R) 6100.sideways.

Natural Gas(Nov ) (R) 240 (S) 225.sideways.

Nickel (Nov ): (S) 820 (R) 865.sell on rise.

Zinc (Nov) :(S) 115 (R) 119 break the range move that side.

Aluminum(Nov) : (S) 108 (R) 112.sell on rise.

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