Thursday, November 14, 2013


Gold (Dec) In the evening some imp US data so we will see very big rally (S) 29500 (R) 30325.sell on rise below 29900 sharp fall toward 29500.

Silver (Dec ) (S) 46000 (R) 47850.sell on rise in every up moment.

Copper(Nov) (R) 455 & (R) 440.sell on rise and below 440 sharp fall.

Crude(NOv) (S) 5900 (R) 6100-6125.sell on rise

Natural Gas(Nov ) (R) 240 (S) 225.sell on rise.

Nickel (Nov ): (S) 850 (R) 890.sell on rise.

Zinc (Nov) (R) 120 (S)115.

Aluminum(Nov) range 110- 115 break anyone move that side.

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