Thursday, August 9, 2018



Market again new life time but time to profit booking at home due high stretchness...   At the current level avoid any buying  till not convection.  Wait for any dip thereafter to buy side.

On the other if we find that, a number of large stocks are not participated in today rally which is HDFC Bank, HDFC, Kotak Bank, Indus Bank, LT, Bharti and other stocks. so  at the current level buying should be avoid. 

Over all trend is bullish we shall wait for consolidation and dip so we can enter again....


After made a high nearly 11500   some profit booking seen and almost our all target achieved which was given above 10980  and 1171.  so money at your account is a best strategy at current level.

Bank Nifty

As we are bullish above 27165 and more long above 27750  already move more than 1300 points which is quite enought of this bull market.   So current level profit booking is a good idea.

We are a long a number of stocks and Index so have a enjoy  of money with your family and must thanks given as well as stock market whereas u get the decent opportunity to making money.

Have a oog day
and Happy Trading ahead. 


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