Friday, June 8, 2018

Market out look dated 8th June 2018

The Day Trading Traders :
The key to making money while day trading is limiting, your losses and taking profits then you can.  Not only does the mathetical approach, but the approach must be based  on the reality of what happening to the assets you hold, not the hope of what may happen it is in the future.   Day traders specially about finding imbalances between supply and demand and taking positions in securities that take advantage of those temporary imbalances.  Day trading is inherently different from swing trading too. The day traders must keep tighter stop losses and have the discipline needed to keep them.
In day trading if you trade with discipline, the money will surely come. If you sit there focusing on how much money you can make or what you will do with it, it is very unlikely that you will succeed as a traders.  In day trading identifying opportunities is not enough. You must be able to execute orders at favourable prices in order to turn opportunities, into capital and there again.
Day Trading and News :  Price movement in news is a most important and thumb rule of market likely follow in number of times, sell on news and buy rumors. Study observed that good news result in a price decline too many times to relay on fundamental analysis alone. The content of news is not the important thing. It is how the market reacts to that news that is important and only the price mocement of the security tells you how the market is reacting.
There are three phase of day trading :
1.   The search for overreaction, followed by reverswal which first 10 to 30 minutes of the market.
2.   The search for trade about 4 hrs after 1st phase is over.
3.   The search for break out which is last two hours of trading.

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