Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Winning Calls

Winning Calls

As are a SEBI registered advisory company and working in stock – commodity market for the last last 25 years.   This scheme is manly design for those traders who are not interested to trade on frequently on daily basis but want to trade in one or two times in a day (intraday) with highest accuracy.  In this call will be derived in extensive research and swing based trading strategy whereas the entry and exit is quick.

Salient feature of Scheme:

  1. This scheme is applicable purely on intraday basis in FO and Cash Market Segment.
  2. Call will be given over Whitecap messenger
  3. Call Frequency  -  1 or 2 call per day.
  4. In case if there is no profit generated, next call will be provided absolutely free.
  5. Clients can buy/sell in as per has choice in terms of qty.
  6. Expected profit of each call   5000 and above. 
  7. Call will be given only front lines tocks whereas jobbing is very low and having volume.

  1. Sell  Nifty  Future   4 lots at 10450  stop loss 10465 target 10400 –
  2. Buy  ICICI Bank  around 300 + stop loss 299 target 303   305
  3. Sell - SBI at 259 stop loss 260.10 target 256 255.
  4. Sell PNB on rise at 103 stop loss 103.60 target 101   100.
Subscription Charges:

One call    
Five calls
Ten Calls

Note: All Subscription Charges are payable in advance in the name of " 3M Team Research "
    For subscription just click  : ……..

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