Friday, July 21, 2017

FO QUES FOR NEXT WEEK TRADING PURPOSES (24th July to 28th July 2017)

(24th July to 28th July 2017_)
1.      Asian  Paints  : Fresh short saw in this counter and almost added 5.98 lacs shares. Sell  on rise strategy continue.
2.      HDIL   : Long unwinding and fresh short seen by way of 29.92 lacs shares increased.
3.      Indian Bank : Long unwinding seen, so avoid buy side.  Any rise to sell.
4.      Reliance Industries :  Heavy long during market hrs, but last 5 minutes major unwinding and profit booking resulted OI only stood 4.94 lacs shares.  Trend is very bullish and dip to buy side. Ready to test all time high.
5.      Wipro  :  Heavy short covering due to buy back and almost 23 lac shares covered on Friday trading so down side chances is very limited. Remain invested nd buy side.
6.      Ashok Leyland  :  Fresh short and unwinding seen by way of 19.67 lacs shares. Sell on rise till remain below 108.
7.      Dr Readdy Lab  : Looks good and short covering likely to continue, we are expecting good announcement in coming days.
8.      Lupin : Long exit seen by way of 1.90 lacs shares.  Fresh buy time being avoid.
9.      Tata Steel : Heavy short covering by way of 11 lacs shares reduced in OI.  Any dip to buy, short sell very danger.
10.  SBI   :  Broken important support level and some unwinding seen by way of  22.95 lac shares, so any fresh buy avoid.  Time for consolidation.
11.  HDFC Bank  : Before result long  unwinding seen by way of 13.40 lac shares.  Time to avoid buy  and  no trade till come out result.
12.  Yes Bank   :   Looks ready to up move and some short covering around 2.08 lacs shares.  Close eye next week.
13.  ITC  :   Weakness continue till not cross 300 305 level, more down side in coming days. Almost 10.72 lacs shares unwinding.
14.  Tata Motor  :  Very hot and ready for big move. Last three trading session continue short covering and almost today trade 14 lacs short covered.   Short covering spurt towards 471  481 mark.   Time to buy only.
15.  Axis Bank  : After consolidation of 9 month decent up move and continue closing above 525 mark looks promising.  Short covering continue and Friday trade almost covered 31 lac shares.  Result going to announced on 25th July, any good result, towards 560-580 mark in few sessions.
16.  Hindalco  :  After break out of 205 continue in upward range and today trade spurt due to major short covering by way of 29.92 lac shares.  Up move continue, any weakness to buy side, do not think short.
17.  HUL  : After sharp rise profit booking and long unwinding continue.  Long unwinding seen in today trade 4.04 lac shares/
18.  Kot Bank  :  Excellent result delivered resulted profit booking and short sell on yesterday trade but today trade they trapped and covered their short  Almost 9 lac shares short covered.
19.  Can Bank :  After result weakness continue.  However, today trade 10.60 lac shares short covered but time to avoid. Wait for more clarity in this counter.
20.  Coal India  :   Looks good after taking a 4 years support range 230-240 and we  already recommended to buy with small stop loss.  Today trade almost short covered 22.93 lac shares and more covering likely in coming days. Remain invested.
21.  DLF :   Continue struggle to surpass 205  to 210 range, however long term trend is very bullish till hold 170 mark.  Today trade OI reduced 64 lacs shares.  Till hold 190,  bulls move intact for short term traders.
22.  ICICI Bank   :  295=-296 remain a good support of this counter till not closed below this level with substantial volume and added open interest, do not think to short sell.  Today trade major short covering seen by way of 39 lac shares.

23.  Bank Nifty :  Continue added open interest and last five seen closed with green note.   As long as holding 24000   no problem for bulls and up move continue to wards 24400 24500, thereafter more up side.  Any dip to buy side. Today trade almost added 20761 contract.
24.  Nifty  :  Continue looking good till not break 9800 as highest put hold in this strike price.  On the upper level, highest call hold 10000 strike and followed by 9900.  So next week clear trading range 9800 to  10000 mark watch out.  Today trade almost long side added 20100 contracts.
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