Wednesday, October 7, 2015

3mteam today gold oct 26625 down @ silver holding 37000 Bullish trend & fresh Upsite Movement.......

Gold    Oct    26625    Down     Time to buy side… on decline

Silver    Dec.    37265    Down    Holding above 37000  bullish trend and fresh upside movement

Crude    Oct    3133    Down    Today support 3080  Above 3200 stay fresh up move

Nat. Gas     OCT    161.70    Down    Sell on rise strategy.

Copper    Nov.    343    Down    Consider support 337 – as hold positive, below only down

 Aluminum    OCT    100.60    Down    Trading continue below 100  real panic will start

Nickel    OCT    651    Down    Resistance 660-675 range

Zinc    OCT     108    Down    Resistance 110-111

Lead    OCT    106.40    Down    Sell on rise stop loss 110 target 100-95 

USD INR             Down      Decent support 65.50 

3mteam today gold oct 26625 down @ silver holding 37000 Bullish  trend & fresh Upside Movement.......

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