Friday, August 28, 2015

3mteam today commodity market updates & market trend & level 28 Aug 2015

3mteam today commodity market updates & market trend & level  28 Aug 2015
Gold    Oct    26291    Down     Today support 26150-26000  resistance 26500

Silver    4 Sept    34070    Down    Today support 33000   - sustained below down, res. 34500

Crude    30 Aug    2803    Down    Above 2750 – short term up side 

Nat. Gas     Sept    177.60    Down    Resistance 180 and support 175

Copper    Nov.    346    Down    Above 340  - positive and buy on decline strategy.

 Aluminum    Aug    100.60    Down    Below 103 bear favour

Nickel    August    660    Down    Time being avoid short, above 632  - positive bias

Zinc    August    115.50    Down    Sharp move…avoid

Lead    August    110.30    Down    Above 110 positive, resistance 115

USD INR     28 Sept    66.40    Down     Hold 66    weakness towards  67-68 

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