Friday, August 7, 2015

3mteam today commodity level & market trend & Support level 7 aug 2015

3mteam today commodity level & market trend & Support  level  7 Aug 2015
Gold    Oct                 24785    Down    Trading range 24500 to 25000

Silver    4 Sept           33700    Down    Avoid till the break out/break down range 33000 to 34500

Crude    30 Aug         2839    Down    Avoid fresh short.. trend down , sell on rise strategy.

Nat. Gas     August    181    Sideways    Below 185 bear favour  - sell side 

Copper    August        331    Down    Sell below 330 stop loss 335target 332-310

Aluminum    Aug       100.75    Down    Lower level avoid fresh short 

Nickel    August         694    Sideways    Break below 690 selling will be intensified likely

Zinc    August            119    Down    Sell at CMP stop stop loss 121 above target 115-110

Lead    August           108.25    Down    Support 108 watch out  hold 112 looks good. 

USD INR     27August    64.01    Up     Resistance 64.30  above sharp move. Panic to buy

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