Thursday, August 21, 2014


Gold   (OCT.)  :              Trading range 28000 to 28500

Silver (Sep.)   :              Sell on rise strategy…. Resistance 42600-43000 and support 42000

Crude(Aug.)  :                Big down side in coming days…. Resistance 5800.

Natural Gas(Aug.) :        Sell on rise strategy below 240  down ward continue.

Copper(Aug.)                 Strong resistance 428-430  reversal to sell side, (Yesterday  move dueto short covering)

Nickel(AUG.)                 Sell on rise   Strong resistance 1180-1200 – Reversal to big down side.

ZINC  (AUG.)                Decent support established 140  hold….. no problem for bulls.

ALUMINUM (AUG.)        Down side support 122-123 watch out.

LEAD  (AUG.)    :         Support 135 hold………

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