Monday, May 26, 2014


Gold   (jun) (S) 26900-27100 (R) 27500.sell on rise.

Silver  (jul) (S)  40000 (R) 41500.sell on rise.
Copper(jun)(S) 405 (R) on dips.

Crude(jun)(S) 6050 (R) in range.

Natural Gas(may)(R) 265 and (S) 250.below 250 more bearish.

Nickel (may) (R) 1175 (S) 1130.wait for break the range.

Lead  (may) (R) 126 (S) on dips.

Zinc (may) (R) 124 (S) 120.above 120 bullish.

Aluminum(may) (R) 106 (S) on dips.

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