Thursday, April 10, 2014


Gold (jun)(S)28300 (R) 28600.range break move one side.

Silver  (may)(S)42300 (R)43450-43800.below 42000 bearish more.
Copper(apr)(S) 400 (R) 410.range bound.

Crude(apr) (S) 6050 (R) on dips.

Natural Gas(apr)(R) 280 and (S) on dips.

Nickel (apr)(R) 1027 (S) 990.very bullish buy every dips.

Lead (apr)(R)128 (S) on dips.

Zinc (apr)(R) 124 (S) on dips.

Aluminum(apr)(R) 112 (S) on dips.

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