Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Gold (jun)Support 28000 resistance 28400.sell on rise.

Silver (may)Support  42400-42000 resistance 43550.sell on rise.
Copper(apr)Support 397 resistance 410.trade in range.

Crude(apr)Support 6050 resistance 6150-6200.break the range move that side.

Natural Gas(apr) Resistance 275 and support 255.below 260 bearish.

Nickel (apr)Resistance 975 support 940.buy on dips.

Lead  (apr)Resistance 126.50 support 122.sell on rise.

Zinc (apr) Resistance 120.50 support 116.sell on rise.

Aluminum(apr)Resistance 108 support 103.sell on rise.

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