Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Gold (Apr)       (S)30100-29900 (R)30500.sell on rise.

Silver (may)     (S) 45500 (R) 47500.sell on rise. 

Copper(Apr)      (S)390 (R) 407-410.sell on rise.

Crude(mar)        (S) 5900-5850 (R) 6050-6075.sell on rise.

Natural Gas(mar)  Resistance 285-290 and support 266.buy on dips.

Nickel (mar)      Resistance 975-1000 support 950.buy on dips.

Lead  (mar)       Resistance 127 support 122.sell on rise.

Zinc (mar)        Resistance 122 support 118.sell on rise.

Aluminum(mar)     Resistance 106 support 100.sell on rise.

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