Friday, January 10, 2014


Gold (feb) Support 28500-28700 resistance on decline for short term.

Silver (march) Support 42500-43500 resistance 44600-45000.trend in range.

Copper(feb) Support 450 resistance 465.sell on rise.

Crude(jan) Support 5650-5600 resistance 5900.sell on rise.

Natural Gas(jan)Resistance 268 and support 250.below 250 very bearish.

Nickel (jan)Resistance 850 support 825-800.sell on rise.

Lead (jan)Resistance 134 support 128.sell on rise.

Zinc (jan) Resistance 128 support 122-120.sell on rise.

Aluminum(jan) Resistance 111.50 support 105.sell on rise.

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