Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Gold   (feb)                     Support 28500-28800 resistance 29500.sell on rise.

Silver  (march)               Support  43500 resistance 46000.below 44500 bearish zone. 

Copper(feb)                    Support 460 resistance 475.above 475 bullish and below 460 very bearish.

Crude(jan)                       Support 5750 resistance 6000.sell on rise .

Natural Gas(jan)            Resistance 282 and support 260.above 272 bullish trend continue.

Nickel (jan)                      Resistance 875 support 825.sell on rise.

Lead  (jan)                       Resistance 141 support 132.watch the levels.

Zinc (jan)                         Resistance 131 support 122.watch the levels.

Aluminum(jan)              Resistance 111.50 support 105.above 112 bullish trend.

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