Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Gold   (feb)                     Support 29000 resistance29850.sell on rise.

Silver  (march)               Support  42700 resistance 45000.sell on rise.  

Copper(feb)                    Support 445-450 resistance 460.sell on rise.

Crude(feb)                       Support 5830 resistance 6200.sell on rise.

Natural Gas(feb)            Resistance 325 and support on dips.

Nickel (jan)                      Resistance 915 support 870.below 870 bearish.

Lead  (jan)                       Resistance 138 support 130.sell on rise.

Zinc (jan)                         Resistance 128 support 122.sell on rise.

Aluminum(jan)              Resistance 110 support 105.below 105 very weak.

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