Thursday, December 26, 2013


Gold (feb) Support 28250-28000 resistance on decline for short term.

Silver (march) Support 43500-42700 resistance on decline for short term.

Copper(feb) support 457 resistance on decline.

Crude(jan) support 6100-6050 resistance 6250 buy on decline around 6120.

Natural Gas(dec) Resistance 285 and support 268.big move above 282 closing basis.

Nickel (dec) Resistance 910 support 865.range bound watch the levels breakout.

Lead (dec) Resistance 150 support 138 strong buying support. Buy on any correction.

Zinc (dec) Resistance 137 support 127 strong bullish buy on every dip.

Aluminum(dec) Resistance 110.20 support 105.sideways.

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