Thursday, July 18, 2013

Commodity Market

Commodity Market 

Gold(Aug)Lower level (S)26000-26200 hold bounce back continue for sharp move and get profit.(R)26800

Silver(Sep)Now close watch 40000-40300 (R) 41500-42000.

Copper(Aug)Below 426 bear favour.(S) 410-400

Crude(July) Near to expiry more short covering.

N.Gas(July) (R) 225-230 range.(S)210 -below sell.

Nickel (July)(R)840-850 (S)790 below free fall.

Lead (July) (R)126-127(S)121 below further panic.

ZINC (July) Above 110 looks good.(R)115

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  1. CS CASH BUY GUJRAT GAS ABOVE 835 TG1- 840 TG2- 845 TG3- 850 SL 825
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