Monday, July 15, 2013

Commodity Market

Commodity Market

GOLD (AUG) finally break out (S) 26500-26300 hold up move continue towards 27000- 27300 in near term. SILVER (SEP) (S) are 41000 and (R) 42000 above sharp move and do not think short sell

COPPER (aug): (S) are 415 -410 range and (R) 426 above sharp move. CRUDE(JULY) trend is positive as long as hold 6050 -6150 positive bias (R) 6500 N.GAS (july) (R) 225-230 range (S) 210 below sell

NICKEL:-(R) 830 AND MAJOR (R) 850 BELOW BEARLEAD :-(R) 126-127 and (S) 121 below further panic.ZINC:- above 110 looks good (R)

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