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Dated  :   13th June  2013.
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Our Positional Call Target
5750 have been achieved
Below 6130….

Now – Trend is Down but Current level
Fresh short should be avoid except…….

               Nifty Future  on yesterday open with down side gap and hold support level
               5750 and some pull back and short covering finally closed at 5777 marked.

1.   With a fall of last 4 weeks Nifty Future are slowly and study testing
200 DMA which is clearly sign near to 5750 as well as 61.8%
Retracement of previous rally  from 5477 to 6229 which is also
Placed at 5765 level near to 200 DMA.    All  are  showing that
Nifty have been achieved first target and at presently it is in over
 Sold  as per daily momentum and RSI Chart.

2.   Yesterday trading pattern indicate that some support visible at lower
Level which is near to 200 DMA as well as 61.8% retracement level of
Previous rally.

                3.  What to do    :
                     At present juncture Nifty are trading in over sold zone and we may
                     Consider strong support……….as long as hold these support, we
                     May expect some up side in current level due to over sold region
                     And every higher level it will face resistance 5850-5950-5971.
                     On the flip side…     if unable to hold support level and  starting
                      Trading below…….and further depreciation of rupee, more pain
                      In the market can not be ruled out.     So best way to wait and
                      Watch,  Global Ques, Domestic Ques, RBI intervention in rupee
                       As well as Open Interest scanerio.
                       Presently Nifty Future are very crucial level, either it move
                       200-300 points and down side…. So closely watch, before taking
                       Any decision.       Option traders can go for straddle/strangle.

Bank Nifty :

1.      As regards the Bank Nifty Future our TEAM are completely bearish
Since broken 13000 level and more bearish and advised to
Aggressively short selling below 12500 and hold short position. On
The good side, all the level have been broken and finally major
 Support also broken 12000 and finally yesterday made a low
 11721 which is almost 13000 point wipe out. 

2.      As continue falling of last few weeks indicate pressure continue
And all front like of banking stocks substantial wipe out which was
Gained in few weeks.   The  rise from 10904 to 13348 of
Retracement level of 61.8% which is placed nearly 11850 mark
On yesterday trade broken but finally able to close near to 11850.

3.      All are indicator are showing market are nearly going to over sold
Region and at that level any short sell  should be danger without
Technical level.   However, some sign seen on yesterday trading for
            Bottom out and more confirmation awaited.  Time being we may
          Consider resistance are any up side nearly 12000 mark and
           Decisively crossover sentiment turn positive towards 12400-12500
           In near term.   However, clear picture will be visible on 17th June
           Whereas the RBI announce again Credit Policy.   Before that
            Any fresh long and short position will be danger of traders.
            So wait and watch and  trade should be carefully with strict
            Stop loss and save your capital.



Indian Rupee are continue in free fall mode  against US Dollar which resulted RBI likely to go for Interest Rate Cut.   In order to avoid further depreciation, RBI finally  jumped into the forex market by selling Dollars and buying rupee which likely control on yesterday trade.

RBI intervention in the market and control the rupee for further depreciation is a short term picture which is not good for long term scanerio.   At this juncture, Govt.  make a proper policies that are favourable for Foreign Investments, NRI who are seating a billions of dollars but waiting for proper policies/steps by the Government so inflows of long term foreign Capital will provide better  support to the rupee as well as also control Inflation which is first  priority of Govt.

At present my Camp in New York  (USA)  and I am advising to my all Colleague , Friends, Visitors /Readers of web site  who are seating of millions of  dollars to send India and take advantage of  depreciation of rupee towards  small contribution for Govt. of India  to control Rupee.

Have a good Day.

R. Sethi    -
Cell No.001-617-639-9301

Hedging Strategy in Future : 95% Accuracy  :  Rs.  21000/- Monthly.
Cash Market Intraday (BSE/NSE)  :  Rs. 10000/- Quarterly
BTST CALL   :   Rs. 6000 Monthly   - Rs. 15000 Quarterly.
OPTION CALL  :   Rs. 5000 Monthly   - Rs. 13000 Quarterly.
Stock Future Call  : Rs. 10000 Monthly  - Rs. 24000/- Quarterly.
3rd Eye Call   : Rs. 5000 Per call – 15000 – 5 calls.
HNI CALL (on phone line)   : Rs. 25000 Monthly  - Rs. 61000 Quarterly.
Nifty Future + Bank Nifty  : Rs. 10000 Monthly  - Rs. 25000 Quarterly.
3M TEAM Aspire (Delivery Based)   Rs. 10000 quarterly.


All fees payable in  advance in Current Account in the name of
ICICI BANK :         09160 55000 95
AXIS BANK   :     9110 200 4823-5337
HDFC  BANK :     003625-60012 -343
STATE BANK   :    32043108702
Payment through Credit Card facility is also available through our web site

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